Grab Attention With Spike Hair! Top 13 Most Trendy Hairstyles For Men


It does not really matter whether you are a teenage or a married man because men will always be men. Irrespective of what, they are always one step ahead to impress all the girls around and get the mouth-watering compliments. Spike hair is the most impressive thing that a girl notices first in a guy. But not all hairstyles will go well with your face or your hair density. Check out the top 13 spike hairstyles you should try out.



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Need Spike Hair? Find Out Hairstyles Below



1. Middle Spiky Zone



If you have baldness towards the side which is very common in men, the middle spiky zone is best for you. It is also applicable for those with a broad forehead and sharp chin.





2. Minimal Spike Hairstyle



Well, if you are a little shy and not too comfortable going in public with full spike hair on your head, minimal spike hairstyle is best for you. People would think that it is only due to short hair and effect of the wind that you have spikes in the front zone only. 





3. Uneven Spike Hairstyle



This is a trendy hairstyle where you have to cut your hair unevenly so that the spike could be uneven. The sides are deeply trimmer so that the main focus stays around the central region.





4. Spiky Comb Hairstyle



This is for those with a long face and baldness towards the sides. It is an all spike hairstyle where the sides are trimmed and the middle ones are all spiked.





5. Rusty Spiky



For this, you have to have some beard to look good. It looks a little clumsy and it is best when you have long hair that you have not trimmed.





6. Traditional Spikes



There is no need for shaving or trimming in this. Just flaunt your hair with spikes concentrated in the frontal region. It is best for guys with a pretty face and clean shaved. The rest of the hair should not look cleanly combed.





7. Classic Spikes




This is a perfect hairstyle for those who use hair gel. The rest of the hair must look perfectly combed and a little beard is preferred.





8. The Perfect Spiky



To have this awesome hairstyle, you need to have a great density of hair. it requires special trimming so that the side hair do not distract. it is one of the best and most liked spike hairstyles. 





9. Neymar Spikes



The spikes are more at the central region of the head while the front part hair should be pointing out of the forehead region.





10. Textured Spikes



It takes a long time to grow hair to have this hairstyle. The hair in the spiky region should be thick and dense and the rest must be properly trimmed. 





11. Fashionable Spikes



Many may not like it and coloring of hair is a must for this. Use of hair gel is also mandatory to keep the hair stand pointed.





12. Refined Spikes



This is more for married people who have less dense hair and long enough to flaunt it. It makes them attractive and gray sidelocks won't matter.





13. The Prominent Stroked Spikes5556




This is the most popular spiky hairstyle at present and the stroke can be of any design though a uniform one is most preferred. You would have to leave the hair in the middle completely untrimmed.


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