These 10 Most Expensive Shoes Of The World Are Way Too Gorgeous


A girl's paradise and a guy's pride, perfect shoes can make your attire perfect! The fun fact is that you mostly wear only those two favorite shoes that just go with everything, but hey, you know you can never have enough of them. You always want to choose the right pair for the right dress, for a mismatch can lead to a big fashion disaster. But, at times, buying the right shoes come for a great price and what better than having a look at the 10 Most Expensive Shoes of the World to understand the same!



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Check Out These Most Expensive Shoes Below



1. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers


Released on the 50th Golden Anniversary of the cult movie 'Wizard of Oz', this shoe was the official version/replica of Dorothy's magical red shoes, but with the addition of 4,600 rubies which are worth 50 Carat of Diamonds. This, plus 2 months of sheer hard work made this pair of shoes enjoy the title of the most expensive one in the whole world.


Price: $3 Million






2. Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels


Owned by the daughter of this Hollywood star now, this pair of shoes in the sexy chocolate color consists of a plateful of classy stuff like satin flowers, rubies, diamonds and many other gems. The cute and curious looking thing in the middle is Rita Hayworth's famous earrings. In fact, the shoes were designed to celebrate her earrings in the first place!  


Price: $3 Million






3. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers


Talking about shoes without the mention of Cinderella? I wouldn't commit the crime for one! And you wouldn't too when you know that this pair was designed to pay tribute to Cinderella itself. Rich in fine Italian leather and 565 Kwiat Diamonds set in Platinum, this pair of pumps also exclusively features one of the world's rarest diamonds: Amaretto Diamond.


Price of Amaretto Diamond: More than 1 Million


Price: $2 Million






4. Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels


These beautiful silver stilettos are further beautified with unique accessories like 185 carat tanzanite gems and 28 carats of diamonds, making them look unreal and feel surreal! Had to be so, when this pair was designed and crafted by the collaboration of two legends: Stuart Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian.


Price: 2 Million






5. Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos


Stuart Weitzman is a master of shoe artistry and his forte is the use of expensive, luxurious and rare gems in the shoes in addition to his undeniably unmatchable skills. The same is the base of these heels, for they are decorated with a pound of platinum and a shocking 643 pieces of 123 carat rubies, inspired by 'Wizard of Oz'.


Price: $1.6 Million






6. Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos


This work of genius made a style statement as soon as it got revealed for the first time at the Oscars of 2002. The radiance of 464 diamonds all over the shoes are more than enough to wish for it but Stuart Weitzman took it one, rather thousand steps ahead by making a two-in-one shoe strap and diamond necklace. Ingenious!


Price: $1.09 Million






7. Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps


The name is inspired by the large golden colored rose in the center of the heels, and it had to be so, so to subtly insist the attention to the fact that apart from 400 diamonds used in the shoe body, the roses are made of astounding 1,800 diamonds on top! The whole design and style of these pumps give the feel of retro and thus, part of the name.


Price: $1 Million






8. Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes


Another Stuart Weitzman, that too with the name of Marilyn Monroe: it can’t get better! The name of these stilettos is inspired by (of course) Marilyn Monroe herself. But, out of the blue? Oh no! The heels are decked with Monroe’s personally worn crystals and thus, the name. Regina King wore it in Oscars 2005, which is no surprise at all.


Price: $1 Million






9. Original ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers


Dorothy’s red ruby slippers have got so famous; it is every girl’s desire to own them or at least have a pair of red heels as a must. One among the three originals that had been created was sold at an auction with the record making price of $6,12,000. Want to have a look? Visit Washington D.C. Museum to enjoy the eye candy!


Price: $6,12,000






10. Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos


Shoes are a woman’s weakness, and diamonds are a best friend. And this pair of heels is the perfect combination of the same. The 1,500 handcrafted 30 carat diamonds in these beautiful stilettos can melt the heart of any woman in the world. When it’s literally screaming “Buy me, I’ll be your best friend”, well, the richest would imply.


Price: $5,00,000




Greedy much, aren’t you? So am I! But when you see shoes like these, it’s only natural to envy the owners. Hope you enjoyed reading about the most expensive shoes in the world. Cheers!



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