Common Fitness Ideas That Are Hugely Harming Your Health

There are always a few things in our life that we do because everyone else is doing so. We never care for the reason of doing so because we love to copy what everyone else is doing. As far as fitness goes, you know that if you do anything wrong, you will not only get any result but also harming your body in the long run. Here are some of those common fitness myths that you need to stop following immediately for safeguarding your health.

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Morning Time –

There is a myth that morning time is the best time for a workout. The best time is when you feel like you are ready to exercise. It can be any time of the day including evening time. That is why you will find some people working out while returning from office. The most important thing to maintain here is consistency. You should work out at a fixed time for your work clock to work the best.

Training The Brain –

It is said that solving puzzles, crosswords, and playing certain games are the only ways to develop the brain in the best possible way. But technically speaking, physical exercises are the best tools you have for developing your brain. The reason is that more blood will flow faster through your brain while exercising. This will increase memory function and prevent various brain issues like dementia and sporadic mood changes.

Energy Drinks –

You will find a lot of people having energy drinks while working out in the gym or running in the park. Energy drinks have a lot of sugar in them and it is not good for health. Instead, you should have drinking water and have protein-rich food.

Gym Timing –

There are a few people who will be at the gym for most of the hours of the day trying to achieve a particular body shape. Gyming is always good for the body but overdoing it can put your body in a stressful scenario. This is not going for the long run as your body will break down and will need more time to recover. There could be a lot of internal injury due to excessive exercising that will surface eventually.

Yoga and Backpain –

It is said that yoga can cure back pain but it is not true. If the back pain is due to muscle twitching or slight blocking, stretching and a few yoga poses can cure it. But if the pain is originating due to other issues like hernias and others, yoga won’t help.

Treadmill and Park –

Many think that running on a treadmill is better than running at a park. It is not true as a person is likely to lose 10% more calorie by running in the park. Furthermore, the access to fresh air is beneficiary for health. Similarly there is a myth that running can make your knees and ankles weak but in reality, it is absolutely contrary.

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