10 Reasons Why I Am So Ugly And How To Get Over Them

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But it is safe to say that when it comes identifying someone as beautiful or ugly, there is more or less a uniform agreement in most of the people. The debate of beauty and ugly gets stuck when it comes to women as they are always differentiated in terms of their outward beauty or ugliness.

According to our upbringing and society's perception, men prefer and pay more attention to women who look beautiful and have a stunning figure while ugly women are bullied and embarrassed through their life. 77 percent of girls consider themselves ugly and end up questioning "why am I so ugly?" Here are the top ten reasons why and how to get over them easily.



Why I am so Ugly? Know How to get Over Them


1. You Don't Have A Face That People Find Beautiful



It is a fact that all men find a woman beautiful by their facial feature. The face is the primary and the most important factor that defines beauty. Having a combination of fair skin tone, symmetrical face, expressive eyes, Dutchess nose and sweet lips, do the trick for women to get any man on their knee. If you have a dark skin tone or awkward nose could make you classify as ugly.

What You Can Do

The actresses that you see in the movies when they take off their makeup, they become unrecognizable. Through makeup, you can turn your dark skin tone to bright. There is not much you can do with your nose shape unless you have money to do a nose job that almost every actress does to look beautiful. They even go for lips job to attract men. You can always turn your eyes beautiful with mascara. 


2. You Don't Have A Hot Figure



Once you take care of your face to some extent, if you do not have a hot figure which is curves at appropriate places, you will be body-shamed by many. There are many girls who have a complete flat figure like a skeleton, and it does not matter how much they eat they never gain weight and get curves where they are supposed to be. Men always prefer women with average facial beauty but stunning figures.

What You Can Do

You can visit a dietician and take medication and right diet to put on weight under his or her surveillance. You can also have a personal trainer or visit gym where you can transform your regular body shape with something sexy as most of the actresses do.


3. You Are Too Fat



Being fat is equivalent to being ugly. We have seen many women who lost their fat to bring out their beauty. If you are fat, you will never get any attention from men whatsoever. Nobody likes to walk with a potato sack. You will be bullied and shamed for your body shape all the time.

What You Can Do

It is not easy to lose weight sitting at home. You have to create a deficiency of energy in your body to burn the fat. Hit a gym and visit a dietician to get a strict low carb diet plan. Within a year, your true face and figure will be revealed.


4. You Are A Nerd



Nerds are considered to be ugly by nature even though they are beautiful. The reason for that is, they never pay attention to look good. They have an ugly haircut, awkward dressing sense, and most importantly, they do not prefer to be social for people to hot on them. But at some point, they too end up asking "Why am I so ugly?"

What You Can Do

Well, the moment you ask yourself that question, you need to visit a beautician and get a makeover of your hair and your look. Use contact lens. Do slight makeup and try to look beautiful just like every other girl.


5. You Have No Personality



Personality matters a lot to create a demand for others to call you beautiful. But unfortunately, nobody knows how to get a personality that can make one stand out among others. The same is applicable for boys too. Even ugly looking boys can nail beautiful women with their personality.They know what questions to ask a girl to impress them.

What You Can Do

You need to attend workshops to understand a thing or two about the personality and work on them. There are many videos available on the internet. Never make yourself accessible to everyone, else you will lose your stock. Be confident and elegant and always look your best. Don't be shy and carry your class.


6. You Have An Ugly Hair Style



Not many girls realize that it is their hair style that is making them look odd. What is good for you in your mirror may not be so for the entire world. You may not have a symmetrical face, and your awful hair style is making it look worse. 

What You Can Do 

Visit a beauty parlor and get a makeover of your hair. Beauticians have the immense experience to suggest you hair styles and haircuts that will suit your face and figure. Maintain that once people start appreciating you. Use different products to make it shiny, flawless and eye-catching.


7. You Have An Ugly Dressing Sense



For every person and personality, dresses matter a lot. It defines your character and your appealing visual factor. Most of the girls take it for granted and make themselves look ugly with bad dressing and color choice.

What Can You Do

Always dress according to the occasion and try to be different regarding design and color so that people notice you. Make sure guys cannot take their eyes off you. This will help you make up for your other deficiencies. 


8. You Have An Ugly Smile



The smile of a woman is a great attraction for a man. Most of the actresses and models work on their smile to make it more appealing and flawless. If you have an ugly smile, you will not know until someone say you. Furthermore, your uneven teeth could be your undoing. 

What Can You Do?

Get your teeth fixed by a dentist. Always keep them white. Practice a perfect smile on mirror and habit will help you get the best smile which will make you look beautiful.


9. You Have A Bad Skin



If you do not take care of your skin, you are literally begging to be ugly. You will have skin disease mostly on your face, your skin tone will get darker, and your skin will be dry and look like lack of luster.

What Can You Do – Take care of your skin with different products, massage, facial treatments and spa, proper diet, exercise and regular cleaning.


10. You Have Not Done Something Extra



You might be lacking the X-factor to make yourself look beautiful with your average look. You can always boost your personality, overall look and attraction factor with a few external modification.

What Can You Do

Tattoos are a great addition to woman's body. Creating a hype of social media will get you on the good books of every man. Take proper care of your hygiene. You need to show off sometimes by being an outgoing girl. Stop covering your body up with dresses all the time. 


Even though most of the people would say hypocritically that they prefer women who are beautiful from inside, in real life, they will always give preference to a beautiful girl as their girlfriend or wife irrespective of their wild nature. So, stop questioning "why am I so ugly" and stop hoping that society will change, instead, do what you can to get over your current state. 







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