Types Of Dimple Piercing And The Possible Complications

Dimples on your cheek instantly make you look beautiful and makes you stand out in the crowd. Dimple piercing which is also called cheek piercing is done to give an illusion that someone has a "man-made" dimple. Cheek piercing is done symmetrically on both sides of the face. It is slightly more painful than the rest of the body piercing.

The concept of cheek piercing originated from the annual vegetarian festival in Thailand. If you are looking forward to looking attractive by dimple piercing, here are all the things you need to know.



A Complete Guide To Dimple Piercing


Common Complications Associated With Dimple Piercing



Excruciating Pain – Dimple piercing can take 6 months to one year to heal completely. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used to numb the area and ease the pain. The pain arises due to the presence of delicate nerves and muscles. Once the effect of anesthesia gets over, you can feel the excruciating pain, and it can continue for a few hours to days. 

Production Of Saliva -There are two glands situated in the mouth and if they get disturbed the secretion of saliva can get affected adversely or excessively. 

Severe Infection – One of the very common infections occurs when a lump is formed near the piercing area which gives out foul smelling pus and can lead to fever. 

Migration and Rejection – If you touch your jewelry a lot, it can cause migration from its position. If your body does not accept the foreign object, it can reject it as well. 



Types Of Dimple Piercing –

The type of dimple piercing depends on the alignment of piercing as well as the jewelry used.

1. Superficial Piercing –



This type causes less pain but is not the best thing to do when you have no other piercing on your face. It sits on the cheek near the dimple area but does not give an impression of dimple formation under normal facial expression. Only when you smile in certain ways, the dimple formation can be seen. 


2. Colorful Piercing



This is especially applicable for those who have colored hair or wear colored specs. In such cases, people put on matching colored barbell to look appealing. 


3. Protruding Piercing



This is done when the skin rejects the jewelry from the face after the first piercing. This is knitted from inside so that it never falls off and hence, it is somewhat protruding when someone smiles.


4. Black Piercing



Instead of using the traditional stainless steel or silver circular barbells, some people opt for black barbells and studs especially when the skin tone with pure white.


5. Missing Stud Piercing



To attract attention, some people pierce only one dimple. It could be due to the fact that they have only one natural dimple.


6. Diamond Piercing



Instead of circular barbells, diamond shaped Titanium Micro Labret Studs are placed which gives a better visual if your facial color is pure white. 


7. Triple Piercing



In this type, two piercings are done on the dimples while one more is done in the middle of the upper lip in such a way that the three piercings can be connected in a straight line. 

You should only go for dimple piercing if your pain tolerance level is good enough. You can aslo try spider bite piercing as well. However, always prefer an experienced piercer from over cheap ones.




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