15 Human Addictions That Are As Dangerous As Drugs

Human beings are a machine of habits. Great things can be achieved through noble habits. When you have no control over your wicked habits, it becomes an addiction. We have heard about smoking, drug and alcohol addictions, but there are various other addictions that are equally dangerous.

Apparently, the results may not be visible, but in the long term, it will ruin your life. Without further ado, let us jump to those strange addiction human beings possess.



1. Tattooing 



Getting a tattoo has become a trend and now, you can see people getting tattoo everywhere in their body just because they think it is cool. Getting tattoo becomes an addiction once you start appreciating your body more with the tattoos on. 


2. Piercing



Just like tattooing, piercing is also in trend. But tattooing is more addictive due to less pain. But there are some people who get addicted to piercing as their pain threshold is quite high. Soon, you will see them getting pierced all over their face and then their body. Natural beauty gets lost in both the cases. 


3. Buying Smartphones 



Buying smartphone every year has become an addiction in the high earning people. They either buy new smartphones of different companies or upgrade the existing one. That's is why smartphone companies release new smartphones every year anyhow. People waste their life staying glued to their smartphones.


4. Buy Cool Gadgets



Apart from smartphones, well to do people spend so much to buy cool gadgets every time they hit the market and make the news. It has become an addiction, and they let gadgets control their lives. 


5. Social Media



Even doctors have agreed to the fact that social media surfing has become an addiction for the youngs. They start living in a virtual world, and when the reality strikes them, they just can't handle and commit suicide. 

6. Physical Intimacy



Everyone loves physical intimacy, but some people want it with new people, and hence, they end their lives hooking and breaking up. It leads to impatience, crime, and mental break down. 

7. Sugary Stuff



Sugar is very addictive for human beings. That is why you get to see people eating candies, ice creams, and cold drinks all the time. It brings down the immune system and gives rise to so that diseases in body. 

8. Playing Games



This is true not only for boys but for adults too. It makes them lazy, and their personal and professional life absolutely sucks. They cannot concentrate on anything about than games. 

9. Gambling 



Due to the emergence of online gambling, this has become the new addiction for most of the people include poor and rich ones. You know that the outcomes are always the same except a few times. Rich gets poor and poor gets poorer and end up committing suicide.

10. Online Dating 



This has become an addiction for shy and introvert people who do online dating and sexting and collect intimate photos and move on to another partner. It makes their real life miserable at the end of this virtual dream. One should stop online dating soon from being a victim of addiction.

11. Bodybuilding



Going to a gym in the morning and the evening becomes an addiction for many. Excess of anything is bad and too much gyming makes the body weak because bodybuilding is not the ultimate natural way. It is like forcing the body to go to the edge and eventually it will break down. 

12. Pulling Hair



Some people especially young men have this habit of touching and pulling their hair as an addiction. This leads to anxiety as well as the appearance of baldness at an early stage. 


13. Human Blood



Human blood is dangerously addictive, and if you happen to taste it a few times by mistakes, chances are high that you will become addicted to it. There are always a few real vampires among the crowd of human beings. 


14. Makeup



There are many girls who cannot live without makeup. They do it even when they are at home, and some girls even sleep over with it so that in the morning, they look cool enough to take selfies. You know the harmful effects on the skin. 


15. Selfies



Taking selfies all the time is an modern addiction for many. But the blue light from the smartphone degrades your skin and make you look old and causes eye problems. 


Is there any secret addiction you have that you have never paid attention to and took it for granted. Do a self-analysis and get rid of those wicked addictions for your betterment.



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