10 things to do on the last day of your college.


Last days are meant for goodbyes, happy tears and promises to meet again. Make the last day of your college memorable.


1. Say goodbye to all the teachers



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For all the times they scolded you or sent you out of class, it made you a better and stronger person. Say thank you for all the things they’ve taught you and take a selfie with them.




2. Have a last big rager



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Host a big farewell rager and invite everyone. Let the booze, food and emotions flow freely and dance all night with all the people you’ve been with for the last few years.




3. Click pictures with everyone



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So that you can remember the class clown or your crush years after graduation when you look back at these photos.



4. Make a scrapbook



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Buy a big diary and make everyone write a few words about you. You won’t believe the funny and nice things people end up remembering and writing about you, it will surely make you smile.



5. Give a speech at your farewell



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And make people emotional during it. Tell everyone your favorite things about the college, the teachers, and the people. Bonus points if you can garner a few laughs in between.



6. Confess your feelings



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Go to that person you have a major crush on and just tell them about your feelings. What’s the harm? You’re never even going to see them again, so there’s no risk. And who knows maybe they feel the same.



7. Have your favorite thing at the canteen



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Never will you get that oily samosa for 10 bucks you’re always eating in the canteen. Sit in the canteen with your friends for one last round of chai and samosa and this time pay the bill.



8. Make plans to meet again


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Some of you might be going to the same city and some of you might be miles apart. But make plans for reunions and be sure to stick to them.



9. Join your college’s alumni network



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Don’t be lazy in this, it’s a simple registration process. This way you can stay updated about what’s new with the college and all those official alumni meets are a great way to catch up with old friends.



10. Sit at your favorite spot and soak it in



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That rooftop or that shed behind the canteen, just go to your secret favorite place in the college and spend some time with yourself there. This college made you a person you are and you’ve spent a great deal of time hiding away from the world at that spot. Be thankful for it, you might never return to that spot again.




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