8 Fictional Characters From Literature Who’d Be Awesome Girlfriends


If I had a Dollar for every time I fell in love with a fictional character, I’d be rich.


1. Hermione Granger From Harry Potter Series



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Hermione Granger tops the list of badass female characters. Imagine having her by your side. She’s loyal, intelligent, fearless, compassionate, socially aware and everything else that makes a human amazing. You won’t have a dull moment with this girl, you’ll be jumping from one adventure to next. She can also beat up bullies for you, ask Draco Malfoy. Also bonus points to never having to worry about notes for exams.



2. Daenerys Targaryen From A Song Of Ice And Fire Series



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Initially you may have trouble pronouncing her name or get frustrated if she insists that you call her by her full name “Daenerys of House Targaryen, First of her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi”, but she will be one hell of a girl to date. She is as kind as she is powerful, you’ll respect and fear her as much as you’ll love her. Also, maybe she’ll let you ride one of her dragons.



3. Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre



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Because life is not always pretty, it’s full of complications and difficult situations. At those times, wouldn’t it be great to have someone by your side who rises back up every time life knocks them down, someone like Jane Eyre maybe? Jane has suffered a lot but the way she reacts to life’s problems is admirable. Also she loved Rochester even when he lost his eyesight and one of his hands, that’s the sign of someone who loves truly with their heart.



4. Elizabeth Bennett From Pride And Prejudice



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Elizabeth or Lizzie Bennett is someone who won’t tolerate your bullshit, who is outspoken while living in a time that was highly unfair for women. All the girls fawning over you won’t be enough for her to pay any attention to you, you’d have to be a man of substance to gain her appreciation. And that’s the kind of girl you should be with.



5. AnanyaSwaminathanFrom 2 States



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Although Chetan Bhagat’s writing is highly criticized, he wrote some pretty cool female characters in his earlier books one of which is Ananya from 2 States. Smart as hell, she’s independent, loving, caring and respectful and will go to great lengths for her love. She is clearly the ideal girlfriend.



6. Tricia McMillan From The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Series



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Tricia McMillan or Trillian Asta is a brilliant mathematician and astrophysicist. She is super spontaneous and fun, clear from the fact how she spontaneously accepts to go to space with ZaphodBeeblebrox. She also saves the earth and has her own radio show. Talk about a multi-talented female.



7. Ginny WeasleyFrom Harry Potter Series



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No no, not the movie Ginny, but the book Ginny. Now there’s a reason why so many people fall in love with Ginny. Fiercely brave, gutsy, witty, loyal and confident; Ginny Weasley is the epitome of a badass female. If you can live with the fact that your pet will have a weird name (Pigwidgeon?), you’ll have a ball of a time being with Ginny.



8. Masami AomameFrom 1Q84


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Some might find this a weird addition to the list but Aomame from 1Q84 is a fascinating person. Ready to go to any limits both legally and morally for someone she loves, Aomame is as strong as they get. Maybe she’ll teach you one of her moves and at night you can look at the moon (or two moons) with her and revel in her undying love.


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