10 Things That Make A Guy Instantly Repulsive


No matter how dreamy you are, if you do any of these things, it’s a ‘Bye-Bye’ for you.



1. Not helping someone in need



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It’s an instant turn-off when a man just turns a blind eye to someone in need. Like if he doesn’t help out someone with heavy luggage or doesn’t offer his seat to someone who needs it more than him.




2. Being a Sexist Pig



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Being a sexist, male chauvinist is super repulsive. Men who say things like ‘Honey, you’re a girl, you can’t do this’ or enjoy making sexist jokes or believe in gender stereotypes can kiss my ass while I walk away from them.




3. Being rude to the waiters



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“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals,” wrote J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and who are we not to pay heed to Queen Rowling huh? So a man who mistreats waiters or anyone who doesn’t share the same social stature as him, makes me want to throw this quote in his face and run.




4. Not being hygienic



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Missing a shower or two is fine but not bathing until you reek is not acceptable. I’m not saying a man has to at his most presentable at all times but he must have some basic hygiene sense.




5. Not caring about you in bed



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If a man only cares about getting himself off and is super selfish that way in bed, staying with him is bound to make the woman miserable. Being selfish in bed is an instant No-No.



6. Being disrespectful of your friends/parents



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When a man just wants to hang out with his friends or his parents ignoring the fact that his partner has those people too, that makes him super repulsive. Better to stay away from men who flirt with your friends or do not respect your parents.




7. Having too much of a wandering eye



 source: saddahaq


Checking others out once in awhile is okay, I mean everyone looks once when a hot person walks by. But men who must check out every girl who walks by and then stare at the hot ones are revolting.




8. Forgetting your birthday/anniversary



 source: quickmeme


Okay now a person doesn’t have to remember the dates of every stupid occasion, first kiss, first fight blah blah, who even does that? But it’s really important to remember a few major ones. A man who forgets birthdays or anniversaries becomes repellant real soon.




9. Getting abusive during a fight



 source: buzzlie


People in a relationship are bound to fight. But a man who gets abusive, emotionally, verbally or physically is just begging his partner walk out of the door.




10. Smoking


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Smoking is not cool. It’s an instant turnoff to have to talk to someone with smoke all over his breath. Kissing them is even worse.




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