10 Places To Have S*x At When You’re Feeling Adventurous


If you want to take things out of the bedroom, these are the perfect spots for you.


1. On The Beach




Source: furomc.blogspot.in


There’s a reason a drink is named after it. Let the sound of the waves be the soundtrack to your love. Bonus points if you do it on a hammock.



2. In Your Car




Source: kanhangadvartha


Park your car in a secluded parking lot and just have at it. Lower down the seat as much as you can or just do it in the back seat. Bring that iconic scene from Titanic back to life as you leave a handprint on the fogged windows.



3. In A Restaurant Washroom




Source: infosevents


This does get adventurous as most restaurants don’t have common washrooms, so it involves a bit of sneaking around. But it’s all the sneaking around and looking out for others that will make it more fun.




4. In Your Office




Source: Google Plus


We do not endorse it as it seems super risky. But you could play out a sexy Boss and Secretary routine in your office, just remember to keep the door locked and the noise to a minimum.



5. In The Elevator




Source:  wersm


Get into the elevator of a high rise building, press the button of the top floor and just get started. You’d have to be super quick and stealthy to accomplish this, keep an eye so that you can stop as the elevator stops. Are you thinking about that scene from 50 Shades of Grey yet?



6. In A Tent




Source: aminoapps


Imagine making love in the heart of nature, under the stars to the sound of Cicadas singing. Go trekking with your love, make your campsite at the top of a hill and have a passionate night in the tent. Bonus points if you’re near a bonfire.




7. In The Movie Theater




Source: mobileadvertisingwatch


Set your passion ablaze as the lights go down in the theater. Pick a movie you wouldn’t mind missing and choose the corner seats. It’ll be more comfortable and less risqué if you choose the recliners in the last row, in the night show with super low attendance.


8. In A Train




Source: tripsavvy


In the night time when everybody else is off to sleep, you can shift on the same berth as your love and make the beast with two backs under the sheets. What’s more adventurous than making love on a moving vehicle? Or you can make innovative use of the train washroom as well, although it may be a little less hygienic than usual.




9. In The Cemetery




Source: pinterest


This is for people who don’t get spooked out easily. A Cemetery is one of the most abandoned places around. Do this only if you’re an extreme adventure junkie.




10. In Someone Else’s House




Source: mexzhouse


Consider this the next time you’re at a house party. Go into the host’s bedroom, lock the doors and do it. Make sure you’re not gone long enough for people to notice you. This is being naughty on so many levels.



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