The Epic List of 30 Awesome Boyfriend Tag Questions To Ask

Boyfriend tag questions is a relatively new concept for many. It came into existence with the emergence of vlogging. A girlfriend gets to test her boyfriend to see how well he knows her, how strong their chemistry is and how caring he is. Generally, the questions are asked in front of a camera, and the video is uploaded on video stream sites like YouTube or Facebook to show their love and bonding to the rest of the world. 

Some couples also dare to go on live streaming with no scope of editing. If the boyfriend fails to answer most of the question that he should have known the answer but might have forgotten, it is a clear sign that he is losing his interest in her and care very less to remember the special things about her and their relationship. You should definitely try it out with the following questions and even tag other couples to continue it as an internet challenge. Apart from love, you can also try out to test your brother or sister with our epic list of brother tag questions & sister tag questions article.



Check Out These Boyfriend Tag Questions


Tag Questions To Test Memory



1. When did you say 'I love you' for the second time?

Everyone remembers the first time but if the second time was special, he would definitely remember it. Do not be upset that he does not remember it because most of the boyfriends do not, and that is the fun of the game as you get to pressurize your boyfriend to pay attention to details next time. 

2. What is my favorite song and singer?

You just fired a double bullet, and if your genres do not match, he is unlikely to remember. 


3. Where did my ancestors use to live?

Most of the boyfriends do not care about the parents of their girlfriends and let alone the ancestors. But if your lover remembers it, he is the special one. 


4. Which TV show do I watch the most?

This is a simple question that your boyfriend should remember if you have mentioned a few times before. 


5. What is my favorite food and the food I hate the most?

If you boyfriend cannot answer this, you should probably break up immediately. This is the basic thing he should know especially after so many dates. 


6. What are the three things I am afraid of the most? 

Well, you can expect an affirmative answer to this question if not three of them!


Funny Tag Questions



7. What are the nicknames that my parents and relatives call me?

Your boyfriend is probably going to remember the one he has given you!


8. When was the last time you masturbated by watching by photos?

This is a really fun and embarrassing question to answer for anyone!


9. What are the weird things I do that you hate? 

You need to take the answer without reacting angrily. You can understand the things that annoy him.


10. What would you do if you feel like farting during make out session?

Farting is always a subject of embarrassing to the person answering the question and fun for the listeners. 


11. What have been the funniest moments in our relationship so far?

It is always good to go down the memory lane and laugh out loud. 


12. What funny thing would you exchange with me if you have an option?

You cannot let your guy dodge this and do not be surprised if the answer is free Wi-Fi for a lifetime. 


Retrospective Tag Questions



13. What is the one thing you wish you had done in your relationship?

It is time to make your boyfriend a little emotional.


14. What is the one thing you wish I did not do to you?

Take a lesson and do not repeat the mistake. 


15. What do you usually argue about?

The ones your boyfriend remembers are the ones you need to settle for making the relationship smooth. 


16. What are the things you want to change about our past lovemaking sessions?

This is a little spicy, and the answer can be really interesting. At least, you get to know how to satisfy him in bed better. 


17. What are the goals your have in life where I am a part of? 

This would make you realize your position in his life. 


18. With whom would you make out for a night when drunk among girls who are your or my friends?

This is a real kicker, and you should watch out that girl which your boyfriend names. 


Romantic Tag Questions



19. What are the things you want to do to make a night perfectly romantic without getting physical?

You can make you boyfriend unveil his big plans for future. 


20. What would you prefer forever – kiss, cuddle or embrace?

Your boyfriend may act his answer out. 


21. What are the things that attract you to me? 

The truth shall be spoken. 


22. Where would you plan a perfect romantic trip and what would you do to make it memorable?

It is always good to plan together. 


23. What are the most romantic moments we had so far?

You can match with yours and find out your compatibility.


24. When are you planning to marry me?

This is a real shocker for any guy!


Dirty Tag Questions



25. What is the size of my undergarments?

That's a turn on for sure. 


26. When was the first time you masturbated fantasizing me?

It should be well before you two got into dating mode. 


27. If we were to have a threesome, who would be the third partner?

Partner in crime!


28. Which one would you prefer me to do – striptease or erotic dance?

Save it until your honeymoon nights!


29. Would you rather give oral pleasure and receive it?

If he chooses the first one, he loves your body insanely.


30. What is that one wild thing you are dying to try in bed with me?

Fifty Shades of Grey effect!


Follow the trend and go for a vlogging on social media and have a fun session asking the boyfriend tag questions.


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