15 infallible Signs That your Ex is Still into you!


Past ! You Ex might still be in love with you!



Yes, you heard that right. Well, if you are reading this, you might have been wondering about it yourself. It doesn't matter if you broke up or your Ex did. In most cases, there is still unfinished business.





So what do you do? How do you ensure that there’s still feelings between you two?


People have been known to consult dating experts, friends, families, and even resort to “Find Out If Your Ex Still Loves You” quizzes. They don’t always work out, do they?


So here are 15 infallible signs that you help you know if your Ex is still into you.



1. Nostalgia


Ever noticed the movie scenes where a broken up couple meets and then tries to relieve the time they had spent together and then looks into each other’s eyes and kiss? Well, that my friend is nostalgia. If your Ex starts to talk about the times you shared and enjoyed, it definitely shows that he/she has been thinking a lot about them and regretting not having them.






2. Random text/message


Contacting you for random reasons is a well-known still-in-love alert. Another classic trick is sending a random message with an immediate follow-up message saying that it was for someone else (believe me, this happens!)






3. Jealousy


Jealousy is another weapon Ex’s resort to. They might begin posting lot many pictures or being too active in social media.






4. Dating someone exactly like you


If this has brought the image of Rachel dating Russ (from the TV show Friends), you are on the right track, my friend!






5. Bumping


Bumping into your Ex at random places is a sign of him/her following you. Stalker alert or love alert?






6. Enquiring about you


Do they keep asking about you and how you are doing to your friends? Rarely this is out of friendly concern.






7. Casual dating


If your Ex is just dating casually without any commitments.






8. Reaching out on occasions


Festival or holiday time can be real lonely for people who have just broken up or are single. If your Ex makes it a point to reach out to you during festivities, consider that as them declaring their love and intention to spend their life with you.






9. Always being there


People in love come running to you when you are in trouble or you need help. They just don’t leave your side, even if you want them to.






10. Your point of view still matters


If your Ex-reaches out to you frequently for your opinion, this means they value you and would never do anything that you would not like. If that does not love, what is?






11. Oops Moment


In case your Ex accidently refers to you as his/her lover, then there’s 90% chance they want to, or hope to, get back with you.







12. Acting weird


An Ex in love always acts weird if he/she is around you and you are engaged with an opposite sex. The Ex might even try to sabotage the discussion.






13. Single for a long time


Your Ex might stop dating altogether and not be ready to settle with anyone other than you.






14. Depression


If you hear your Ex might have gone into depression after breaking up with you, it’s your cue to know that he/she still loves you and want you back in their lives.






15. Intuition


And last but not the least, trust your intuition! Your heart understands your feelings better than any physical sign. If your heart believes your Ex still loves you and in return, you do too, then just go for it! As a famous saying goes “Your intuition feels what your eyes can’t see!”





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