10 Body Languages That Show A Person Is Lying

Did you ever feel like a person is lying to you, but you have no evidence to be sure? Well, if you have the perfect understanding of body language, you can be the best lie detectors in living form. Body language forms 55% of effective communication. It is a perfect combination of facial expression, body posture, hand gestures, breathing rate, and other physical movements. According to a survey, it takes 7 seconds to understand whether a person is lying or not. 

You would be surprised to know that a person can produce 5 thousand hand gestures, 2.5 lakh facial expressions and nearly a thousand body postures. So, unless you know the significant of different body languages, you can never read a person well. Luckily, the following ten body languages will be enough for you to detect a liar. 



1. Heavy Breathing



One of the most common body languages to detect a liar is when he is lying, you will see that his breathing has become heavy. His voice can get shallow because of the inner nervousness. It is a reflex action, and it is common in 75% of liars.


2. Tongue Reveals Truth


It is commonly found that a person who is licking his lips repeatedly and quite unconsciously, he is lying to you. To be sure you can offer him water and see if he is licking again. As much as 70% of liars showcase this body language.


3. Eyes Don't Lie



If a person is unable to make eye contacts and looks side to side and blind a lot, he is probably lying. But this is not a sure shot sign as many introverts also show the same sign. To be sure, you need to watch if he is raising his eyebrows quite often or not. 


4. Touching Face


When a person lies, it is common for him to touch his face, nose, ears and ever hair. Again, this is not a full-proof body language. Along with this, you have to watch this speech whether he is taking long gaps, using fillers or repeating words quite often or not. If he is, he is an amateur liar. 


5. Palm Shows The Present


It is very common among liar to hide their palms. You need to see what he is doing with his hands. If he is hiding it behind his back, putting them in pockets or placing his palm downward on the table very often, he is likely a liar. It is a common trait among 50% liars. 


6. Head and Leg Combo


If a person is nodding his head and shaking his legs uncontrollably, there are overwhelming chances that he is lying. Nodding head may be common, but a sudden start of shaking legs is a clear sign.


7. Facial Express


If a person is putting an angry and rather ugly facial expression while answering, there is 66% more chance that he is lying outrightly. 


8. Body Language After Speech


If a person is speaking something in a calm tone and shows emotions and expressions after the sentence ends, he is pretending and lying. In addition, he is beating around the bush and not exactly coming to the main point, he is a liar for sure. 


9. Head Position



If a person suddenly changes his head position before responding to your direct question, he is going to lie. It is an involuntary action that they cannot control. It is found common in nearly 40% of people who are about to lie. 


10. Change The Topic



Another thing you can do is by changing the topic of discussion suddenly, and if the person looks more comfortable and relaxed, he was lying before for sure. The reason is that while lying, the brain and the body need to work intensely and remain in a state of tension within.


Watch out for these body language signs and see if you can catch some liars red-handed! You can use these to see if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you with some direct questions. 




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