15 Best Smells in the World That are Incredibly Amazing

In the current human world, cleanliness and hygiene has become a huge task to initiate and maintain and where it fails, well, you know the “beautiful” smells that your nose goes through. Thankfully, we have the options of using perfumes and deodorants to neutralize the pungent smells around. But today, we are going to talk about those evergreen incredible fragrances that can make our day! Check out the Top 15 Best Smells in the world that We All Love!



1. Petrichor


Petrichor – The smell of wet earth after the first rain on hot, dry land – ah, don’t we all absolutely love it! The earthly fragrance is truly orgasmic for the smell sense organ, wouldn’t you agree?



2. Cestrum Nocturnum


The “Raat ki Rani” flower that we all have acquaintance with as the flower with amazingly pleasant odour is one of the best smells that nature provides.



3. Barbecued Food


Oh the woody, smoky and appetizing aroma of barbecue, it can incite the hunger hormones like none another. The Pleasant smell also leads to a more delicious taste. So.



4. Babies


Don’t babies just smell breathtakingly lovely, to the extent that you can just smell them all day long! Even after having one of the most pungent “shit” smell, they make it to the most incredible smells.



5. Books


The papery smell of a book, it’s an experience in itself. While some people love the smell of new books, others are extremely fond of how their old books smell. All in all, book = breath in!



6. Leather


If you don’t relate to this, you probably haven’t smelt the fragrance of real leather, which has an extremely good odour. Not your fault, it’s hardly and rarely available now.



7. Freshly Baked Cookies


This is delicious and this is teasingly delicious. The epic aroma of the freshly baked cookies is just perfect to make your day! Or ruin it when it’s coming from your neighborhood.



8. Smell of Your Partner


Cheesy or not, everyone loves the smell of their partners, peculiar only to them. It could be the love and hormones playing the trick but it’s one of the best smells nonetheless.



9. Sandalwood


Sandalwood is considered as one of the best smells throughout the world and the fact that it doesn’t lose its beautiful scent for years and decades, makes it all the more desired and considered as the second most expensive woods in the world.



10. Brewing Coffee


We have all seen the ads of the mouth-watering coffee and erotic expressions of the actors over the aroma of the brewing coffee beans. Believe me, it’s all true, for a change!



11. Grass


The smell of freshly mowed grass is simply heavenly, one of the reasons why people do this work so promptly or ideally should do it. Aha!



12. Vanilla


The smooth, sweet scent of Vanilla can easily convert a long, tiring day into a positive and productive one. And sleeping with positive thoughts is good for everything!



13. Mountain Air


With the existence of “oh so much pollution” everywhere, the cold, fresh mountain air is not only a relief to the lungs but has a serene sense of smell altogether.



14. Melted Chocolate


For the love of chocolate, how could we not include its fragrance in the most incredible smells’ list! Chocolate, melted chocolate, chocolate cake, it can make your nose happy in any form.



15. Lit Matches


Just lit a match and smell – rings a bell? It is a very easily ignored smell but is an extremely lovely one. The different kind of smoky scent for 2 seconds is enough to cheer up your nose.



For some reason, talking about the most amazing smells makes you want to have something yummy, no? Do put down your comments about your favorite smells and more. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!





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