11 Moments When You Suddenly Come Back To Life


"Be in your own world" is something that we all follow, at some time or the other, at a sweet moment or awkward, at the right time or wrong! Deep thinking, daydreaming or simply being busy in the stories in the head, real as well as imaginative, we all give a lot of time to ourselves and our very important or "very important" thoughts. And then comes those moments when you suddenly come back to life, to the real life (minus the philosophies questioning life being real in the first place). Want to learn a few examples of the same? Check out the 11 moments when you suddenly come back to life!



1. Cruelty to Headphones


You are listening to your favorite song, enjoying every beat of it, moving along the rhythm of it and suddenly – somebody pulls your headphones out! Worse, you yourself pull/throw the earphones! A sudden realization of life around – this is what happens, and frustration.



2. Where are you staring?


Recollect that awkward moment – you are in some deep thinking and you haven't even realized that you are continuously staring at someone. Suddenly, the girl adjusts her top or the guy closes his legs and you realize the awkwardness you just achieved. Yep, that!



3. "Coming Back To Life"


You come back to life when you listen to the epic literal from Floyd. Simple! Honey Singh/Justin Beiber fans – don't even try!



4. Mom Calling!


Woah woah, remember that time when you were "high as f*ck" and your phone alarmed "Mom/Dad/Uncle/Aunty calling"? Yeah, you have no choice but to suddenly come back to life if you wish to be in life to come back to life again. Geddit?



5. Sneeze Series


A sneeze means you were 'tat' close to death. Imagine a sneeze series now! Not only do you literally come back to life after every time you sneeze but also, the realization of surroundings after a sneeze series is something that suddenly makes you happy and relieved. Cheers to not dying!



6. "Intermission"


Though frustrating how the movie stops at the climax, an interval in the movie theater is a sudden realization of the world existing aside from the super interesting and super sense-organs-activating movie. Quick peace to ears – Aha!



7. Wake Up Sleeping Beauty!


What better example of coming back to life after a good, long hours break of cutting off from the entire world! And when you come back to life after sleeping, you can't even be sure if this is the real life or the sleeping life was. Welcome to "reality"!



8. Gimme Love, Baby!


You can connect to this, come on! Those moments of intimacy, times of exoticness,  sessions of love making, who cares about the world! Especially for a girl, it's the best way for her to experience coming back to life. Well, she forgets everything and everyone, but the one doing the magic!



9. Nightmares – NOOOO!


There is a different kind of value to life when you suddenly wake up after or during a horrifying nightmare, no? A "Thank God to life" or "Thank Goodness, that wasn't true" are mere remarks! Good kind of coming back to life – this is the one!



10. Sunday Party = Oops Monday


Having a blast at a Sunday night party, having fun to the epitome of youthful energy, getting wasted and wasting more, and then waking up to a Monday morning with all the hangover-ness possible. Monday blues and more, coming back to real life is such a pain!



11. My Imaginary World!


Oh my, don't we all daydream and don't we all love it! Those perfect scenarios in our heads, those beautiful moments we wish for, the things and people we see so closely in our minds, it's always a heartbreak to come back to life. Bye imaginary world, see you sometime to come back to reality again!



How did you enjoy reading this? Has any of it ever happened to you? Do put down your comments and share your opinions and stories. Cheers!



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