13 Super easy One minute Life Hacks


Of late, we have a giant surge in the number of "life hacks" swarming the internet, teaching you all kinds of complicated yet pretty useful little tasks to make your life that much easier. And we have deviated from the norm and brought you a list of life hacks that need no more than one minute of your time. Check them out here.


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1. Self-control the app



To make yourself more productive and keep yourself from distractions, install this app: "self-control" You can assign time slots and make lists of websites that you wouldn't want to be allowed into. Sites like porn, facebook, twitter etc.



2. Money saver



Whenever you get the urge to buy an item which you know at the back of your mind is totally not necessary, just hold the money you're going to spend on the item in one hand and the item on the other hand and question yourself: Which one do you want more?



3. Incognito ticket booking



You can get cheaper airline tickets using incognito features of your browser as the rates tend to increase if you visit the site a number of times.



4. A temp solution to homelessness



if you ever find yourself on the verge of being homeless, spend all that you've got on a 24-hour gym membership. So that way you get a place to go to at night, showers and all that. Just a temporary solution that's all.



5. Better than cough syrup



Pineapple juice is found to be about 5 times more effective that your conventional cough syrup. And it's all natural fruit juice, so no side effects!



6. Stop gagging



If you are a deep-throat tooth brushing person, then you'd know that feeling of gagging once the brush tickles the throat. To prevent this gag reflex all you gotta do is hold your left thumb within your fist, and it will be gone.



7. Water soon after you wake up



Drinking water in huge quantity always helps and when it is early in the morning soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach, the effects become exponential. It speeds up your metabolism, flushes out toxins and helps enhance brain functionality.



8. No more cramps



If you get cramps while running, you can stop this by exhaling while landing on your left foot. 



9. Play music without distracting yourself



if you're a person who likes to listen to music in the background while working but find it distracting, you can play music from your favorite video games as they are designed specifically to not distract you.



10. Concentrate better



If you need to concentrate better all you have to do is stare at an empty wall for about 30 sec or stare at the end (nib) of a pen for about 30 seconds and then start your work.



11. The Coka-cola solution



The soda is more than just a refreshing drink. If you got some gum tangled in your hair, you can use this, if there's some rust on your clothes, or any such stubborn stains off your clothes just try it out.



12. The body clock waking



Did you know that you don't need an alarm to wake up exactly at the time you want? Yes, all you need to do it say, for instance, to wake up at 5 am "wake me up at 5 am" 15 times, no less no more and your body clock will wake you up a tad earlier than 5.



13. Instant cure for a headache



If you ever have a headache, and you want to get rid of it in a minute, just mentally ask yourself these two questions: 

  • Where is your headache
  • Which color is your headache

Do not answer them out loud but just think of the answer mentally and it should be gone!


Try them out and do let us know how it went below in the comments section.



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