15 Funny Text Messages to Have a Good Laugh


It's funny how the smallest of things can crack us up! With a combination of technology, dumb people and complicated situations we have the most hilarious of situations at out disposal. It could very well be a simple funny text message but the situation and the gullible person behind it definitely makes it funnier. Here we've rounded up such funny text messages that totally made up cracked us up!



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Check out the List of Funny Text Messages




1. When the moth took over 




Way to scar your little kid forever! Nevertheless, it was just hilarious!





2. The one with the "dirty" pic!




When someone asks to send a dirty pic, I'm sure this isn't what they mean, ever! That guy must be so darn turned off!





3. ___zoned




This guy just cemented his place in the school zone. Don't we think he's getting out of there anytime soon eh?





4. Classic girl




It is only logical that the picture is going to look like this. Damn those dumb guys asking for nudes during the night.





5. Always a good idea 




We think it's always good to have a picture of Michael Cera on your phones, to get out of situations like these!





6. WTF abbreviation 




Who would've ever thought that WTF can be used as a compliment! Gotta take your hats off to the mother her!





7. Ah when there's no love in the air 




Well, he could've been a little less savage!





8. Loves cereal so much 




We don't know is this person was just avoiding a sex chat or really loves cereal more than anything else in the world!





9. Laugh out loud!




This mom who thought LOL was actually something related to love. How do these things pop up in their minds?





10. Sly mom




The best out of the funny text messages list! We think this mom is going places! Not her daughter but the mother, wow she could run a country with that kind of intelligence! And upon that, the daughter thinks the mother was cruel!





11. The drunk dude at Walmart




It really would've been a funny sight for all the people present there. Lucky them! We don't we get to witness such pure gold scenes anywhere? 





12. He's not all that bright 




We think that Adam should be removed from the contacts list altogether. Because stupidity is contagious as hell.





13. High AF!




At least this guy specified why he was going to be weird before he actually was! This is hilarity at it's best!





14. Savage mom




That moment when your daughter thinks you're being a pervert but in reality, you are just finding a guy for your "less than sexy" daughter. She was savage as hell!





15. The literal meaning 




This dad has no idea about cooking, fine. Dads can be that way, but anybody who's had anything to eat knows the answer to that question is!



That end the list of funny text messages, we hope you liked them and want more such posts. Let us know what you feel in the comments section and do post your reactions using the emoticons below. 



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