11 Things That Personify Freshness And Make us Feel Active

With the over-blessing of sunlight in the scorching summers, feeling tired and exhausted and lazy is only natural and we all look for things and inspirations that could take it all away and make us feel absolutely rejuvenated.

Both the worlds, natural and human, have fortunately provided us with a plethora of things that could make us feel fresh and help us to carry on with the day after hours and hours of extreme heat. Actually, it's not about summers, we all love the feeling of freshness, be it any season. Wondering what could make you feel fresh?


Check out 11 things that personify freshness



1. Morning Dew


Want to feel absolutely refreshed after waking up in the morning? Have a walk around your garden, plants or a nearby park and you will be as fresh as morning dew! Research says walking barefoot on grasses with dew will revitalize your body as it:

  • Improves Immune System
  • Cures Nervous Disorder
  • Act as Stress Buster



2. Tea


Ah, the aroma of the tea can just make all the exhaustion go away in a second. What more, it doesn’t even matter what form of tea it is – Classic Tea, Green Tea, Ginger & Lemon Tea – they all are synonymous of freshness.



3. Sea Breeze


Ah, either I just reminded you of the beautiful feeling of breathing in the fresh sea breeze or I just touched the wrong nerve. Either way, the freshness of sea breeze is none to compare with.



4. Mint


Mint, the most obvious personification of the fresh feeling! Take it in any form and you are sure to feel the chills and minty-ness. Oh, and the fun of having water after eating something minty! Mint is considered as a mighty and soothing herb in Ayurveda which cures Heartburn, Promote digestion, improves Oral health and much more.



5. Birds Chirping


There is a certain tranquility when you hear the voices of birds chirping and creating a rhythm of natural sounds. So beautiful and so refreshing; it can just make your day bright and wonderful.



6. Lemons


When life gives you lemons, use them to feel fresh! Bad joke, but lemons do provide quick freshness. Try it – lemons, lemon soda, lemon iced tea, lemon tea, anything else and it can all make you instantly fresh and active. And the health benefits of lemon water is not skippable. 



7. Power Nap


The short and quick power naps in your bed, on the couch, between two classes, in the metro and more – don’t they just give a sudden fresh feeling! They do, you only feel sleepy again after a while.



8. Cucumber


Cucumbers and such have great cooling properties and they are a favorite for summers! Apart from using them for eating raw or in salads, you may also try to put a slice or two in water for the subtle fresh flavor.



9. Misting Fans


Yes, it’s obvious that we all prefer ACs for the fact that they provide more coolness in a short time. But but, it’s never the AC that will make you feel fresh. You rather want to go for Misting Fans and Coolers with the little mist for that epic, fresh feeling.



10. Sunrise


A soulful, serene sunrise can make your mind and body fresh and active to the core. The further beauty is when it is in the mountains, nothing can beat that.



11. Shower


Morning showers to start your day or a quick/long shower after a tiring day is an instant trick to feel fresh. Bathing-haters, you want to try something else to feel fresh, right?



How did you like the things that personify freshness? Do put down your comments to tell us the things that refresh you. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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