7 Amazing Things Will Happen If You Drink Lemon Water Every Day


Lemon is rich is Vitamin C and it is also available at a very cheap rate and hence, everyone can afford it. If you start drinking lemon juice in the morning with lukewarm water, it can do amazing things to your body. Do not worry about the Vitamin C intake capacity of your body because excessive Vitamin C in the body will always flush out through urine. 


1. Attractive Breath




People especially those who have bad breath problem generally use expensive toothpaste and mouthwash to get rid of the foul smell. But most often than not, they fail to work. Drinking one glass of lemon water after brushing your teeth can do wonders for them. 





2. Bye-Bye To Constipation




People who have constipation or have trouble to get rid of waste in one go, they need to drink lemon water regularly in the morning and before having spicy food. Lemon juice makes the digestive system fully functional and makes your bowel movement smooth and easy.





3. Hangover Removal




Those who are alcoholic and at times drink too much to have a hangover even the next day, lemon water is a boon for them. After getting up in the morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and within an hour, all your hangover will vanish like a magic. 





4. Mood Booster




The above-mentioned hangover is also applicable for those who feel very lazy even after waking up from a deep long sleep. Besides that, lemon water acts as a natural mood booster when you feel low. It calms your nerve under extreme pressure or nerve-wracking circumstances. It keeps you energetic for a long time.





5. Detoxification




Lemon water is the natural detoxifying drink. Over the period of time, our body accumulates toxic substances especially in colon area and if not cleared, it can give rise to colon tumor and digestive problems. Drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water daily in the morning helps to get rid of the toxic stuff you have in your body and keep you healthy through your lifespan. 





6. Weight Loss




Lemon water does not directly help to lose weight but it does not let the fats to accumulate if you drink lemon water before eating any oily food. Furthermore, a survey has suggested that drinking lemon water daily will give you less appetite. Hence, you will eat that much which is required by your body.





7. pH Level Balancer




As you know that lemon water contains ascorbic acid, it helps to maintain the acidity level in the body. By balancing the acidity level, it keeps the blood pressure in control. Doctors suggest drinking lemon water before going to bed at night so that you get a peaceful sleep and wake up the next day fully energetic.



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