Go trendy with piercing that best suits your Zodiac…Cancer bagged the sexiest


Today’s generation is so fashion oriented that they always want to be the point of attraction. They can modify their physic in any possible manner to look attractive. Tattoo and piercing are in vogue now-a-days. However, our belief on sun signs and horoscope compel us to have a look on zodiac sign before piercing.





Aries sign guys have a rugged appearance and have an average height. They too have prominent brows and nose. They should go for Eyebrow Piercing








Taurus has sensual lips and round faces. They look stylish when they pierce their lips. They look attractive and sexy with Lip Piercing








Gemini rules hands. So a Hand Web Piercing between fore-finger and thumb is the best piercing to do for Gemini. It looks very attractive with Gemini's beautiful hand.








Ahaan..!! The awaited most awaited one. Cancerians have a very attractive physical appearance and have a seductive personality. Cancer rules breast and stomach. Nipple Piercing is apt for these guys. 






5. LEO


They have a very tough look and with strong muscular body structure with an upright structure. They are the ruler of the upper back. So, they should go for Corset Piercing.








These sun sign people are very serious and stay in their gravity. They should go for the Naval Piercing which best suits them that add a glamour to their curvy figure.








Libra guys have a bulky physic and have a tendency to acquire weight according to age. You guys are simple and stylish and should go for Upper lobe ear piercing.








Scorpio has a very well defined facial structure with prominent eyes sensual lips and attractive ear lobe. You should go for Industrial Piercing.








Sagittarians have a huge structure and are either tall or very tall and are always graceful. They are advised to go for Hip Piercing according to sun sign.








Capricorn people are very cheerful with short heights and have straight hair and look awesome when the hair is behind the ear lobe. They should go for an Orbital Piercing.








They are tall great legs and are have a very smart personality. Their legs are attractive and should go for Ankle Piercing to make their legs even more appealing.








Pisceans have normally had short heights and have bulky structure. They have normally a fairer skin. Their feet are very beautiful and they should try Toe Piercing.





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