Alia Bhatt Diet and Workout Secrets Are Finally Out!


Alia Bhatt is not just an actress that every boy and girl love to watch, she is also an inspiration especially for girls to want to achieve a perfectly slim figure and hold onto that for the rest of their lives no matter what. Unlike some other actresses, she was not slim from the very beginning. She was rather overweight and she did dieting and workouts to achieve her current body type. Here are Alia Bhatt diet and workout secrets that you need to follow. 





Workout Plan




Alia Bhatt does heavy workouts only three days a week which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She takes complete rest on Tuesday and Thursday. On Saturday and Sunday, she does light workouts with treadmills, cycling, yoga, jogging and pranayama. Here is how her heavy workouts look like on those three days.




Day 1 (Monday)



The first day is for cardio and upper body workouts. She always starts with the treadmill for 15 minutes to warm up her entire body. Then she moves on to 30 pushups followed by 75 times dumbells raising. Then she goes for lat pulldown and bicep curls both of them for 50 times. In the end, she does triceps pushdown for 50 times.




Day 2 (Wednesday) 



The second day is for cardio and abs building. After treadmill session, she goes for crunches and hyperextension both for 50 times at least. After that, she moves on to bicycle crunches and reverse crunches for 75 and 50 times respectively. 





Day 3 (Friday)



The third day is for cardio and legs. After usual treadmill session, she goes for squats, forward lunges and reverse lunges for 75 times each. Then she goes for dumbells lunges for 50 times and then she has the stamina and the mental strength to do the running treadmill for 10 long minutes. 




Diet Plan 



Alia Bhatt stated that during her weight loss session from 68 to 48 kilos in just six months, her dieting plans played the most important rule. She has advised everyone to count the estimated calories one is taking every day not to get overweight. He follows low-carb and high protein diet.




Light Breakfast 



Her breakfast consists of bread toasts, Poha which is her favorite, fruit and juices, cornflakes, egg or vegetable sandwich. She takes green tea and black coffee only. 




Around 10 AM 



Since she gets up early in the morning and eats light breakfast, she has to eat something in between breakfast and lunch. She usually takes vegetable juices or fruits or idli with sambar.




Ordinary Lunch 



She loves to eat freshly cooked food with no oil. She hardly takes rice. She prefers roti, dal, and vegetables. Occasionally, she goes for a piece of chicken breast or tuna fish. In the evening, she has a cup of tea or coffee without sugar. 




Super Dinner 



Dinner is no very different from lunch though she takes more food for dinner than lunch. Roti and vegetables are usual meals though she loves to have a bowl of rice and dal with a chicken breast piece. 



Apart from these, she has a lot fo fibrous foods like oats and salads. She loves to have yogurt and drinks related to that. 





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