7 Unusual Accidental Deaths Resulted From Consumption of Food

We cannot live without food but food can be the one who takes your life. Apart from food poisoning, there have been several occasions where food has been deadly for people to the extent that they have died out of nowhere. If you do not believe us, you got to read the following stories to understand what went wrong.

Competition Gone Wrong

Hot dog eating competition is one of the famous competitions. There come many risks with these types of competitions. One of the risks is of choking and other effects. There is an incident of a 13-year-old boy who passed away by eating a hot dog and couldn’t survive. It was in the year when this boy participated in a hot dog competition. This program is a thing tank boys and girls to raise funds for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.


Tank Of Whiskey

Suicide is one the problematic factor all around. There is a case of Brain Ettles of Scotland who commits suicide while working in the year 2012. This man was working in a distillery. After celebrating his wife’s birthday, this man seems normal, went on top of 50000 liters of whiskey tank and jumped on it.


Totally Baked

Working in a maintenance department is not an easy task and comes with various challenges. In the year 1998 both David Mayes and Ian Erikson starts working in Bread-baking oven in a company. Both of them entered inside the oven and due to the inconvenience of conveyer belt they have to continue walking inside. Luckily Mr. Erikson came out but Mr. Mayes couldn’t come out and passed away.


Carrots Out

Living a healthy lifestyle is everyone’s priority and drinking various healthy juices is beneficial. In order to maintain health one of the person naming Basil Brown tried many things to stay fit. He starts drinking carrot juice every day in a huge number of a liter. Later on, his doctor asked him to stop consuming in such amount as it may result in liver ailment. Mr.Basil continued drinking carrot juice in the large amount, later on, he died because of a liver problem.


Water Intoxication

Drinking water brings a lot of health benefits but drinking a heavy amount of water proves to be harmful. A mother who hails from California participated in a water drinking competition of a radio station and died because of too much intake of water.


Dough Mixture

Baking is not an easy process and calls for many types of machines. In such a case Mr. Ng SeW Kuang is the owner of a confectionary who is busy making paste red bean paste for his company fell into the machine that makes the dough.


Deadly Chocolate

Mr. Vincent Smith Jr is the victim of this case who passed away during the process of making and mixing the chocolate. He was working in Lyons And Sons chocolate company in which he is supposed to add chocolate in the vet. He was standing in the platform of mixing chocolate in which he slipped and went inside it.



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