9 immediate Treatments For Muscle Cramps

Being a victim of cramps is plain sadness; who would like that annoying feeling of painful tightening and contractions of muscles that also last for quite a long time at instances, these may be due to some workout mistakes! Working out with all your will, doing some physical activity with all your heart and then coming back home, only to feel that soreness and crampiness in a plethora of your body parts, saddening indeed.

It’s important to identify the source of the cramps, which may happen due to a number of reasons like exercising, dehydration, pregnancy, cold weather, lack of minerals, wrong positioning of the body, medical reasons etc. Not to worry, there are many ways that may help to treat the muscle cramps. So, if you ever are a victim, you might want to try these treatments for muscle cramps.



1. Ice Therapy


You must have seen athletes and sportspersons on television using ice on their legs and other body parts for relaxation of muscles. You may do the same with your cramps. Just make sure to put a cloth between ice pack and skin.



2. Stretching


Stretching really helps in relaxing the tightened muscles but it is to be done with caution. You don’t want to jerk your muscles while stretching or this may worsen the situation. Slowly stretch the muscles a few times and don’t forget to breathe.



3. Hot Shower


If you are a lover of quick or long showers, you are at an advantage of dealing with muscle cramps. A warm water shower can really help with the cramps. Maybe you want to make it a habit to take a warm bath after your workouts instead of from the cold water.



4. Fluids


Many a time, the cramps happen not because of the strenuous physical workouts but due to lack of water in the body, thanks to excessive sweating and absence of liquid intake. Drink lots of water. Also, try and have energy drinks, they would help with cramp-ness.



5. Massage


Ah ha! The best option out of them all eh! You possibly cannot get a massage every day. But try to get a massage done once in a while if you are working out regularly. An oil massage or a simple massage can greatly relax your muscles.



6. Heating Pad


You might have tried this already and this is actually a good idea. Just put some hot water in the heating pad and put it on the muscles where you feel the cramps for 20-40 minutes. Also, keep shifting it to the sides and around the cramped muscles to relax the whole area.



7. Medicines


If that cramp is really killing you, taking pain medicine is not a bad idea at all. Once you feel relaxed with the cramps, you will be able to carry on with the usual activities that will eventually help to treat the cramps in a natural manner.



8. Walking


The worst thing would be to succumb to the cramps. Buck up, just wiggle and jiggle your legs, thighs or wherever that you are feeling the cramps, walk around, do some activity and you will be good to go. Don’t give up.



9. Visit Doctor


Okay, if you are a regular friend of cramps, it is advisable to visit a doctor in order to identify the source of the same. You don’t want to be a victim of conditions like restless leg syndrome and bear the pain when treatment is available. So, don’t take your regular cramps lightly.



Hope this helps in treating the muscle cramps so you may go on with your exercising and workouts again. Do put down your comments and let us know your thoughts on the same. Cheers!



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