16 Surprising Biological Traits Babies Get From Their Fathers 

Do you know that you have inherited your gender from your father? Inheritance of characteristics is not random but organized and pre-determined. Technically, a baby is more like a father than a mother because more genetic mutations come from father's genes. There are certain traits that a baby can derive from either mom or dad, but the selection depends on the dominant trait present in the entire family. Here are 16 traits babies inherit from father exclusively.



1. Eye Color



Wondering what your baby's eye color would be? Wonder no more as you need to look deep into your husband eyes, and you can be sure that your baby will inherit the same. So, if a dad has blue eyes, it is likely to be passed on to his babies as well.


2. Athletic Enthusiasm



Wondering why you baby is so athletic from an early age? You need to go back to the childhood time of the baby's dad because athletic traits are passed on from dad to kids. That is why some families prosper in sports and games for multiple generations. 


3. Hair Color And Pattern


Hair color of a baby is determined by the hair color of its father. Furthermore, whether the hair will be curly or straight is also dependent on his/her father's hair style. 


4. Lips


Lips are an important part of the face that determines the beauty of a girl more than a guy. When it should have come from the mother side, unfortunately, it gets inherited from father's side. If you have to do a lip job in future, you can blame your dad and take the money from him. 

5. Weight and Height



This is not a direct inheritance from dad, but to a great extent, dad is responsible for his baby's weight and height. If dad and mom are both tall, the baby will be tall as it grows up, if mom is short, the baby will be less tall. Similar is the case regarding weight.

6. Sleeping Pattern



If your baby turns and flips a lot in his/her sleep, blame it on its dad. On the other side, if dad has insomnia and sleeping disorders, the same is also inherited by the baby. 


7. Finger Pattern


Does your baby have fingers that are a little different? It happens as the traits of finger formation is passed from dad to a baby. So, if your baby has curly toes or clubbed thumb, his/her father is responsible. 


8. Eating Habits


Eating habits of a baby have to be the most annoying thing for a mother. But you can easily discover the pattern by observing his/her father's eating habits. They might have similar tastes for food and even eating disorders can be passed on. 


9. Stress and Nervousness


Some people are always nervous and stressed out. They do not like changes and facing new challenges. It is not always due to past habits and experience but due to similar traits in his/her dad. 


10. Respecting Others



Respect is to be earned but earning respect does not necessarily imply that someone will show you respect. It is dependent on the attitude of the father of a person. If his/her father is popular at disrespecting everyone, expect the same from his sons and daughters.


11. Teeth Structure and Problems


The structure of your teeth determines how beautiful your smile looks. Most of the babies inherit their teeth structure from their fathers. Furthermore, the problems related to teeth like cavities are also inherited which could be a negative point.


12. Fingerprint Similarities



Every person has a unique fingerprint, but if you are a fingerprint expert, then you can safely say that the fingerprint of a baby is very similar to its dad rather than its mom. 


13. Sense Of Humor



Who does not like a funny person to be their friend or partner in life? If you have a strong sense of humor, you should thank your dad for his funny side.


14. Smoking Habits



One of the worst traits you can inherit from your dad is his smoking habit. That is why even some girls get into smoking from an early age even when her friends are not into that. 


15. Risk Taking Trait



Do you enjoy taking risks in life? You should thank your dad for that. There are many personality traits that babies get from dads, and one of the striking traits is the extent to which a person is willing to take risks in life. It could turn a person gambler or entrepreneur. They are going to be aggressive and push themselves to go to the edge.


16. Dimples On Both Sides



What can be cuter than babies flashing their dimples every time they smile in joy? If their fathers have them,  the chances are high for the babies to inherit them on both sides of the face.


Can you guess which are the beautiful traits you have received from your mother side?





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