10 Harmful Things That Can Kill You Slowly

There are so many things we use in our daily life that can be the cause of our death. This is because they can be poisonous and kill you from inside slowly without even you knowing about it. The following is the list of those usual things we use in our daily life that have the potential to harm us in a very big way.


This is something that we use in our daily life on a regular basis in order to maintain the white of teeth and to the freshness of our mouth. This product contains triclosan that creates problems like thyroids and muscles problems.


It is one of the useful product that helps us in getting shiny hair and reduces problems if dandruff. This contains harmful substances that aggravate the growth of breast cancer cells.


This is useful to us since the childhood days that helps us in noting down important notes or dates that are important for us or is also useful for maintaining some important records. This contains polyvinyl that results in many health-related problems such as asthma and diabetes.


This is one of the useful products that we use to maintaining the fresh smell of our body and is actually useful during winters. This contains aluminum which causes various disease and breast cancer.


This is a product which we find in everyone’s sitting room and allows us to have a comfortable sitting and enhances the look of our room. But hardly anyone knows that it contains formaldehyde that causes cancer and later on kills us.

Sanitary Pads

This is useful for ladies for managing hard days of periods. But very few know about the harmful effects of these sanitary pads. This has some harmful substance naming dioxin that is very dangerous that may result in skin darkening and also creates a liver problem.

Ballpoint Pens

This is one the useful thing that we everyone knows. We are familiar with this product since our school days and are in touch with these regularly. This contains glycols that result in low birth weight if the newborn baby.

Talcum Powder

This is one of the useful products which we use in our body to feeling fresh and enhancing the smell of our body. But we hardly know that it contains magnesium silicate that results in ovarian cancer.

Plastic Lunchbox

This is one of the useful products that allow us to store lunch for our kids and office going people. But to our surprise, this lunch box contains harmful substance naming bisphenol that leads to breast cancer.

Air Fresheners

It is useful for us to spray these fresheners to enhance the fresh air of our rooms. But very few of us know about the harmful effects of this product as it contains phthalates that result in autism as well as kidney related problems.






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