Reasons Why You Should Buy An Automatic Watch

Most people buy their first watch as a teenager. They base it on its aesthetic appeal, does it look cool ? do I like the brand ? do I like the colour?

They are not buying their first watch for the material used, but the movements that make it tick.

People buy watches as an accessory, a piece of jewellery, not many people buy it just to read time as it is already in everybody reach. These days watches are used to flaunt their wealth, personality and class.

But for some people, it is more than that. They want to buy it so that they can hand it down to their kids. A piece that will have an emotional and traditional value attached to it. If you are the one such person who is in the market looking to buy an heirloom quality timepiece, which you can hand down to your kids then you need to look into the craftsmanship and the movement it has. You want to know what makes it tick just like looking at the car engine when buying a car.

Even though Quartz watches have the advantage of being more accurate, you need to stay away from these because you want to buy a timepiece that will keep running for decades without battery or maintenance. Quartz watches are battery powered and the material used in these watches is usually low cost that loses its finish after some time. Quartz watches also need the battery replaced after a certain period. The main reason why people buy quartz watches is that these are affordable. The chance is if you see a stunning fashion watch it will be using quartz movement because it is cheap.

Centuries of craftsmanship, technical skills, innovation and horology is behind automatic timepieces made by world famous watchmakers like Rado, Tissot and Tag Heuer. Automatic mechanical watches use hand wind movements that are made with hundreds of tiny parts that keep the watch running. A mechanical watch will last for generations while quartz watch will someday die. That’s why mechanical watches are worth repair while quartz is simply thrown away and replaced. Automatic watches are top of the line and they can get very expense based on craftsmanship, where it was made and how many complications they have. Complications mean anything beyond basic timekeeping like date, date, moon phase, chronograph and power reserve.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mechanical Watch

  1. History is something people really appreciate. You are connecting to over 200 years of wristwatch making history and considering pocket watchmaking then it’s over 400 years of history. Watchmaking tradition, generations of know-how and skills condensed into just one and a half square inch.
  2. The beauty of engineering that goes into making a mechanical watch especially the movement and the finest finishing.
  3. No or low maintenance cost. The watch is able to run forever with a kinetic energy that is with the movement of your wrist. It is convenient, no battery no hassle. If you put it in the drawer for a long time, just put in on the wrist and twist it a few times, the watch will start running again.
  4. You are starting a tradition and purchasing an heirloom that one day will be passed down to your kids.
  5. All the finest character, material, designs are found in mechanical watches. Styling is just at a different level for automatic watches.
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