10 Weird Things Guys Do When They Are Alone At Home


Just like guys who want to know what girls do when they are alone, girls have an equal curiosity to know what guys are up to when no one is around. Apart from their obvious fantasy stuff that anyone can guess, guys do some really weird things that can freak out their parents, relatives and most importantly, they can cause a break up with girlfriends. Here are the top ten things guys do when they are alone at home. 



1. The Bathroom Game



Guys play some wild bathroom game when they are alone. It is mostly a weird experiment with the way the pee. They would try different projections and patterns of peeing as if putting a basketball in the net and some guys even flush the toilet first and then start peeing only to end before the toilet is completely flushed. 


2. Digital Stalking



When guys have plenty of time and no one to see what they are doing, it is obvious that they would check the social media profile of their ex-girlfriends, crushes and try to fantasize about them. As a matter of fact, they also check out all those beautiful known faces who are way too elder or younger to them. Under normal circumstances, it might look weird but when they are alone at home, there is no better thing to do than this. 


3. Experimentation 



Guys love to experiment with their look, especially with their hairstyle. They finally get the chance to try out different hairstyles and bread styles which may rather seem to be slightly strange under normal circumstances. They would go to any extreme to try out different looks.


4. Wearing Girls' Clothes



This is awkward but guys try to their sister's dresses on them to look how weird they might look.As a matter of fact, they also do makeup and put on lipstick to act like girls. 


5. Checking Themselves Out



When you are alone, you can completely check you out for good. Just like girls, guys check themselves in the mirror and also measure their size and check on the internet whether the size is below or above average to satisfy their girlfriends. 



6. Scratching and Smelling



As there is no one around, guys can scratch their private parts on a hot day and smell their fingers as if a perfume is on it. Even if the smell is foul, guys love it and get addicted to it.


7. Eating At Bathroom



First of all, they never close the door of the bathroom which is logical but they even take they food to the bathroom and have it there when they are peeing and the rest is understood.


8. Smoke and Wine



This is the best part of spending time alone at home. They can try out different stuff without getting caught. Smoking is an easy activity while having wine will need more elaborate preparations. Smoking weed is also common.



9. Adult Movie 



This is the best thing for a guy to do when they are alone. They can be completely naked and watch all those movies that they cannot see in the presence of family members. 


10. Cry Like A Girl



This is an exceptional thing that guys do especially those who are depressed in life. They cry their heart out and relieve themselves of all the inner pain which they cannot even do in the bathroom due to the absence of proper ambiance. 


If you are a guy, do confess the things you have done already when you were alone and see how many of them matches with the things mentioned on the list. 





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