9 Solid Reasons Why People Become Gay


Different people behave differently with gay people. That is exactly why some people are afraid to come out in public and confess about their sexual orientation and preference. Even those who prefer the same gender equally as the opposite gender, they are forced to keep their secrets within themselves. Non-gay people react because they do not actually know why people are gay and it is high time to understand the reasons behind it. 



1. Hereditary Reason



A group of scientists has claimed that being homosexual is directly linked with the sexual orientation of the opposite-gender parent. If the father of a girl is gay, the girl has a chance of becoming a lesbian and likewise for a guy. 



2. Environmental Factor


Some scientists believe that the sexual orientation of a person is formed at an early age even though most of the guys find it out later when they start exploring same and opposite gender. The environment of growth around him can determine whether he will be straight or homosexual. 



3. Sociological Factor


The sociological factor is very much like environmental factor where a baby or a kid is nurtured in a certain way. If a baby or a kid grows up seeing homosexual activities around him, he is likely to explore the same gender more than opposite gender. The chances are high that he would start enjoying it and became homosexual.



4. Psychological Factor


Psychological factor includes how the guy or girl got treated from same and opposite gender, how he or she sees opposite gender in movies and adult films and the curiosity to give it a try can eventually end up liking it. If a girl had a lot of bad experiences with guys and end up getting treated extremely well by a friend who is a girl, it is quite natural to get attracted to her in the long run. 



5. Influence Of A Homosexual Person


If you are staying with a person who is gay and he has a crush on you, when you are high, you are likely to explore him under the dosage of alcohol or drugs. The chances are high that you are going to like it as the other person is experienced and it can lead you to become gay or homosexual.



6. Behavioural Factor 


If a girl grows up dressing like boys, walking and acting like boys, chances are high that she would remain like that for the rest of her life and prefer to marry a girl rather than a boy. The same is true for a guy. It is how you behave in the childhood and as a teenager determines your ultimate sexual desires. 



7. A Choice Of Living


In country's where gay people are not looked down upon as someone different and disgusting, people can choose to be gay or lesbian because they feel like they could be happier and more compatible with their friend from the same gender. 



8. Lack Of Interaction With Opposite Gender


This is truly becoming a major fact in determination and changing of sexual orientation. When a person stays with another person of the same gender for long and both of them have literally no contact with persons of the opposite gender, they are likely to come in contact with one another and give it a try from mental dissatisfaction and frustration. 



9. Hormonal Factor


There could be certain abnormal conditions during the development of a baby in the womb that can lead different hormonal releases and eventually lead to different sexual orientation than most others. 


Hopefully, you would react indifferently to people who are gay or lesbian or bi-sexual. This will help other people to come out in open and have a normal life without the fear of rejection and intense depression within themselves. 


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