What She Says vs What She May Mean:Check out the 9 Things


The mystery of understanding a woman is one that nobody has been able to decipher till date. It doesn't seem like one can provide the answers to the mystery in a short or long span of time either. What can one say! Such are females, not only in the human world but in the entire animal kingdom. What she does could be completely different from what she wants to be doing, what she would tell you could be the sheer opposite of what she is feeling; women just do that all the time! What she says and what she means, you'd never know! Or would you?



1. Bitch v/s Bestie


What she says: You’re such a bitch! Hahaha!

What she “may” mean: You are my best friend!



Aha, girls have some reverse-psychology thing going on. So, better be careful of the opposite – “You’re my best friend”. Err?


2. Compliment?


What she says: Wow! Where did you buy this dress from?

What she “may” mean: Tell me more, I need more & more details to bitch about your ugly dress with my girlies.



You don’t want to believe a girl’s compliment so easily. Just maybe simply “haha – thanks ya” it off!


3. Upset Tummy? Or..?


What she says: I have an upset tummy, I need to go home. So sorry!

What she “may” mean: I am on period, you f***er! BYE!



Saying it out loud in a public place is a taboo even if she is all open-minded and stuff, just try and understand the “sign”!


4. I’ll call you?


What she says: Sure! Let’s meet up for coffee. I’ll call you!

What she “may” mean: Coffee? With you? Let me just get away from here; I am never gonna call you!



Do NOT expect a lot when she enthusiastically agrees to a coffee date but says that she would call you.


5. Haircut v/s Hair-Cut


What she says: Your pretty hairs deserve a new and stylish haircut. Go for it, girl!

What she “may” mean: Your “Too pretty” hairs deserve hair-cut. Go for it! *Why don’t I have such hair?*



Well, being jealous of beautiful hair is a natural, girl tendency. Careful not to be a victim of the ever-existing jealousy!


6. Idiot v/s Lover


What she says: He is such an idiot!

What she “may” mean: I love him!



If she calls you an idiot with a smile, well, well, it’s something positive if only she is not totally into you! Keep trying!


7. “Secret” Gossip?


What she says: Please don’t tell anyone but *secret gossip*.

What she “may” mean: I know you’re going to tell the people I want this news to get to, so *secret gossip*.



While girls-gossip is a cliché, I never said that the listener is a girl too, if you know what I mean.


8. Care or not?


What she says: Who cares!

What she “may” mean: I care!



She may just whip it off saying “Who cares!” but the truth might be something else entirely.


9. Anything For You!


What she says: Had I been in her place, I would have done that for you without even thinking twice!

What she “may” mean: I was not in her place, so, of course, I would have done that for you!



Remember that scene from Friends when Monica asks Rachel if she would carry her baby if the need be? Yep!


Hope you enjoyed reading the contrast between what girls say and what they may mean. Please don’t forget to put down your comments around the same. Do come back to ViralTalks for more! Cheers!



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