16 Reasons Why Every Guy Must Have a Girl Best Friend!


There are boys who do not have girl best friend. And if you have you are the lucky one. And if you don’t have, then go out and make one because frankly, it is awesome. And here’s why



1. Be it a career dispute or a relationship problem nobody else can give you better advice than your girl best friend.



Girl best friend




2. Whether it is a meeting with your girl’s father or a bachelor party, she will be your personal stylist.



Personal Stylist




3. Being with a girl best friend opens up so many opportunities for you to meet new girls and make new friends.




4. The best thing is where people assume that you're dating and she just plays along.



Dating your best friend




5. You can go anywhere with her even to a nightclub.






6. Guys feel challenging when it comes to buying gifts; that's where the girl best friend emerges as our knight in shining armor.



Buying gifts




7. With your best girlfriend, you can go for watching a movie or other funny programs or event, and you will never feel bored in her company.



Watching movies




8. You can do all sorts of crazy stuff together that you cannot even imagine doing it with your guy friends!



Crazzy stuff




9. She'll always be there with you whenever you are in a situation where you need emotional support.






10. She is the one who makes social media fun for you by tagging you in funny pictures.



Funny pictures




11. She is the one who can convince your parents that you're still in class when you're out on a bunk.



Convincing parents




12. No matter how you are, you will find her standing beside you. She will always be your support.



Supporting girl  best friend




13. She's always available, to you and this fact can never be emphasized enough.






14. You can tease her all you want without offending her. When it comes to jokes and other funny stuff.






15.You can only have those crazy vodka shots with your girl best friend, and it has its fun.



Vodka shots




16. You can tease her by ridiculous names, and she won't make a big deal out of how unchivalrous you are.






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