Thats Messed Up !!! 9 Gruesome things you could find in a teenage boys bedroom


We believe that one should maintain the decorum of the bedroom so as to maintain the calmness to have a sound sleep. However, teenagers are more than happy to be in their dirty rooms and smell that foul odor. Here are some of the disgusting materials you could find in a teenage boy’s room.


1. Stale food

While entering the room you will be disgusted by the foul smell, that is nothing but the leftover food you have been storing in your room science long time.



2. Used Condoms


At least you are cautious!!! Happy to know that but this is the nastiest stuff one could find in a boy’s room.




3. Suspicious “Bhajan” folder in Lappy


It’s nothing but porn. One could find every collection of those movies in a secret folder. Nothing to worry it’s a staple for every teenage guy.




4. Used tissue


Ick!!! It’s used tissue beneath the bed. We are not supposed to ask for what they have been used for because we are aware of the answer.



5. Mountain of dirty Laundry


Eww!!! Piles of used clothes are stored in a corner of a room. But due to the busy schedule, they don’t have enough time to wash it off.



6. Bear Opener


Yeah!!! My room is my bar. Teens are fond of making a party at their room with friends. So bear opener is an obvious thing that you could find in their room.




7. Lighter


I am not a chain smoker however one cigarette is enough for me during late night study. True but hard to believe.




8. Wet Towel with pungent smell


They do have a very good grooming sense but lack certain common sense. Wet towel lies on the bed for the whole day which smells really unpleasant.



9. Boots Below the bed


Is it not unhygienic to put footwear beneath the bed? Ahan!!! No, it’s a badge for a fashionable act. They simply took it as a belonging which should be kept inside the room like others.


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