60 Super Cool Gamer tags and How to Choose Yours?

Online Gaming has been a huge part of the technological culture since it became a mainstream thing. It has grown to such heights where huge competitions are held worldwide with attractive and astonishingly high prizes to be taken home by the winners (Dota 2 tops the list with a record $94,814,164.45). But the one thing that haunts every gamer as he sits down to start a new game is finding the right gamer tag


With the boost in online gaming, especially with the most addictive android games and their number of gamers rising by the minute, people are scrambling to find cool and badass gamer names or gamer tags, that portray them as daunting and intimidating to their opponents in the virtual world. While this is the case with serious gamers who are in for the long haul.




Most other casual gamers just play with their own names, use their birthdays and birth years to just make a gamer tag just because the game mandates them, but a cool gamertag is a stepping stone to defining your appearance in the virtual world of gaming




How to choose the right gamer tag?


1. Simpler is better


Do not overthink the simple process of choosing a name for your online game. Sure it is just a pseudo version of you, that everyone who plays along with you will see, but don't break your head over it, it isn't all that important or complicated either.



2. Using your real name only makes it cooler


Most of them try out things that don't suit them or even identify with them or what they are trying to bring to the game. don't use only your favorite TV or movie characters and be lost in the herd, use your name, make it unique.



3. Include your favorite beasts, and colors if your wish


Surely you would have a favorite animal (real or fictional) that your would love to add to your name. You could even add your favorite color depending on the game you are playing and the tone that you would like to set for your character and gameplay.



4. Use numbers that mean something


Don't just use random numbers, just to make a gamer tag to get over with it. Use numbers that denote things, in your life or in general. Like the number of the beast, if you will.



5. Brainstorm combinations


After you are done with selecting variables, sit down and make a list f all the combinations that you would be cool with. Make sure that you have checked all the above boxes before proceeding.



6. Shorten your list 


Surely, not everything that comes out of your mind would be your favorite. You'd have names that seem too cheesy, others that seem too bullish and maybe some that make you seem, too gentle. Make a short list in the descending order of your liking to them.


7. Try it out in your game


Try out your gamer names on the game you wish to register it with. You might want to have at least 10 names to try out, 'cause there would be literally hundreds who would've thought of the combination.



8. Don't panic if the name is taken


You might be disappointed if your first few gamer tags are all taken, but that's what the 'list' is for. Move on to your other gamer tags until you are happy with one of them and the one that's not taken.


9. Zero in on your gamer tag


Once you find your match, you are ready to rumble in the gaming arena, be it your console, your PC or even your smartphone!



Fret not if you still haven't been able to find that perfect gamer name for your beloved video game character. We have a list of gamer tags that you would find are more than available and also might serve as an inspiration to make your own unique gamer tag.



The rib-tickling tags


1. MoonMan13

2. LanceAlot

3. BigMacSandWitch

4. ZombieChief

5. ChewBackHer

6. ShoeMaker

7. GingerSpidey

8. DankVader

9. TallHobbit

10. MarySaggins

11. PeeweeFartman

12. TwoEyedCyclops

13. Pulverine

14. AlivePool

15. DeadSea

16. JustJello

17. GotAmmo

18. BatShitCrayZee

19. ReLOAD999

20. LazyTown




The cool & badass tags


1. GodIsHere

2. SilverFox19

3. SpankAss

4. TheKid27

5. MotherOfDrogon

6. TheNastyOne

7. PlaynItRough

8. SeekanDestroooy

9. Haunter666

10. TheDevilIsHere

11. StreakyBlue (any color of your choice)

12. GodSpeed

13. DeathSting986

14. RomeBuiltInADay

15. LucifersFather

16. KingArthursGhost

17. HurriKaneWill

18. SavageJoe

19. KingSlayer301

20. HandOfTheQueen




The sugary sweet tags


1. MissHottyShot

2. GoGirlPower

3. PinkGuy4eva

4. SexyShooter999

5. IkissedCupid

6. PinkiePomise

7. NavelAngel

8. SupaGurl

9. Catnip4Hunks

10. PoleLover

11. PromisedPrincess

12. LilyOuttaWater

13. PokerPrincess

14. BiatchyGurl

15. PussyWhoDontMissy

16. LadyStalker

17. SugaryNightmare101

18. GirlWithGhostTattoo

19. ArtilleryAngel

20. PinkCuteUnicorn



With that, we reach the end of the tutorial on how to make your own gamer tag and also, if you couldn't make a good enough one for yourself, you could just choose one of the racks and make slight changes that fit you. Let us know how that worked out for you in the virtual world. Feel free to use the comments and reaction sections.





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