Top 11 Most Addictive Games For Mobile that every gamer Must Have


Although mobile games aren't considered to be your conventional "video games" that come under the umbrella of PC and console gaming, they still are high-resolution software programs designed to give the user just one thing – entertainment, just like any other console-based game! Amongst the myriad of games that are available to play on the OS-specific app stores, we've found these gems. Ones that the players can't just get over, ever! Go through the most addictive games for mobile.



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1. Pokémon Go




The biggest hit in mobile gaming was Pokémon Go. It is an augment reality game with real life travel coupled with catching pokémon as you go! All those who wanted to be pokémon trainers when they were kids, here's your chance! It reportedly earned $1 billion dollars in no time with the whole world getting hooked to the game and Nintendo's share value rose drastically, and today it has $12 billion to Nintendo's share!




2. Clash Royale




The mobile strategy game developed by Supercell has just one aim, to destroy the opponent's towers or to lay siege and capture/destroy his King tower. There are various methods of ranking players in the game.




3. Candy Crush Saga




Released in 2012 by King, Candy crush is a match-three mobile game that took the mobile-gaming fraternity by storm. Everyone was playing it, crushing the candies & competing for the ranking. Even today, people continue to play the massive hit, with new levels & newer challenges being added regularly.




4. Color Switch




Developed by David Reichelt and Aditya Oza, and published by Fortafy Games and Eye Box Games, Color Switch is another addictive game where the player's aim is to match the ball's color with the pattern as they go tapping on them. 




5. Temple Run





Husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova never knew that their game would cross 100 million downloads in just one year! The endless-runner game published by Imangi Studios requires various characters to run endlessly from demonic monkeys through the Gardens of Bomarzo in Italy. To date, over 1 billion downloads of the game and its sequel have been made!




6. Subway Surfers




Co-developed and published by Kiloo and SYBO Games, Subway Surfers allows you to run endlessly through a subway dodging policemen and trains and collecting coins and bonuses as you go. The game now gives new themed updates every month!




7. Hill Climbing




Another game that crossed the 100 million downloads mark in just about a year's time of its release! developed by Fingersoft, this game is a physics based car racing game, with the main objective being, to collect as many coins as possible while driving through different stages!




8. Fruit Ninja




This is a game developed by Halfbrick where you get to slice virtual fruits with your fingers and get points in return! As the fruits get thrown onto the screen the player swipes as quickly as possible to slice the fruits!




9. Clash of Clans




Clash of clans is the mobile version of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) video games played on the PC and consoles. Here players build clans, train armies and lay siege to other's lands to earn gold and elixir. More gold equals better training and fortification.




10. Teen Patti





Teen Patti is the Indian version of poker. It is one of the most downloaded games on android and iOS with over 10 million downloads on android alone!




11. Angry Birds




Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment is the game that started the mobile gaming stone rolling in the first place. You have different colored birds, with different abilities attacking the devious pigs that have stolen their eggs. The game even has a movie of its own! 


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