The 11 Main Enchanting Undertale Characters


Undertale is the indie game that got a perfect score on Steam from it's users! What more introduction does the role-playing game need! Undertale tells the story of the harmony that once existed between the humans and the monsters, and how the monsters battled and lost, and got sealed off to the Underground by the humans. The King of Underground, although content for a while wishes to reunite the monsters and humans by breaking the barrier.


After a long time, a kid accidentally falls into the Underground and fights off many mysterious yet kind, witty and humorous monsters to come back the world of the humans. You get to play as the kid, Frisk who falls and comes back. The game was showered with several accolades and heavily praised by critics and users alike. Given below are the main characters of the game and a brief description of the characters' behavior.



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1. Flowey



Flowey or Flowey the flower is the first character that the player meets in Undertale. This mean flower is the main antagonist for most of the game and also gives somewhat of an introduction to the "encounters". He is known for his "Kill or be killed" policy.


2. Toriel



One of the few good monsters, who helps out the protagonist in his quest to get out onto the surface. Toriel who is the second biggest character in the game saves the protagonist from the wretched flower, Flowey and guides you on the right path. She is basically your mother thrown into the game.


3. Sans



Another huge character in the game is Sans. This deep-eyed skeleton is one of the laidback characters, and enjoys breaks and being lazy. He is known to be a believer of fatalism and eventuality that the timeline is going to be reset at the end, which also is the reason for his laziness.


4. Frisk



Frisk is the embodiment of the player playing Undertale as he is the main protagonist of the game. He/she is what you would call a perfectly impressionable character as he takes after your (player's) characteristics. Frisk is the character who has the power to save and reset the timeline, on which he/she got after falling into the underground.


5. Papyrus



Another skeleton character who is also a brother to Sans in Papyrus. His motive is to capture a human and finally be a part of the Royal Guard. He is flamboyant, charismatic, highly confident, hard working and a kind monster. Also sometimes he is known to be a tad sly.


6. Undyne



Another monster with a fish-like appearance, but with values. She is the passionate head of the Royal Guard and is also known to show mercy to the protagonist when she receives some herself. One thing that excites her is anime since her love, Alphys had once told that anime was human history.


7. Alphys



A helpful character to the protagonist is the lizard-scientist Alphys. She is the royal scientist appointed by the King of the Underground, Asgore and the love interest of the head of the Royal Guard, Undyne. Alphys is known to be a recluse and is very insecure about her accomplishments as a scientist since most of them are products of chance!


8. Mettaton



The TV star of Underground, Mettaton is a robot built by the Royal scientist Alphys when she gave a ghost a robotic body. He is a charming and confident robot that lives solely for his TV ratings. At times he is regarded as a human killer but then revealed to be an ally of the protagonist.


9. Asgore



Asgore is the ruler of Underground, former husband to Toriel, and the adoptive father of Chara. Although not an evil monster his aim is to collect 7 human SOULs required to break the barrier that separates the monsters from the human world. He is so kind that he once offered his own SOUL to the protagonist to escape Underground.


10. Asriel



Asriel is the child of King Asgore and the then Queen Toriel. He was a docile lamb-like monster who loved and cared for his human brother, before he was killed. He was then resurrected by Alphys as the soulless Flowey the flower. He then becomes loveless and what we were introduced to as Flowey. 


11. Chara



Chara is the very first human to have fallen into the Underground. He/she is adopted by the king and Queen and is raised as their own alongside Asriel. When Chara dies Asriele even absorbs his SOUL to keep him/her near him. Although a kid with an innocent appearance, Chara sometimes has shown malice.


These are the main characters of the arguably best indie game ever, Undertale. Thank you for reading and do let us know your opinions on the representations of these characters in the comments and reaction sections below.




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