Folding Houses – The Future of Hassle-Free Living, Wherever you want!


Prefab or prefabricated homes have been around for a long time now, but they are often marred with shoddy workmanship and unattractive designs.

Now a set of new-age architects is about to change the face of folding houses, by making easy-to-construct homes with superior quality materials and designer home styles. Complete with a pool or in a tow away truck, these homes are bound to be the solution for the housing crisis all over the world.



Check out these benefits of a Folding House




How it all began?


There have always been innovators who have thought of an easier yet polished way of producing housing solutions for people. Many have agreed that folding houses are the way to go, to solve the housing problem about to arise in the near future. 

Dahir Insaat, a Russian company has come up with a solution, that is to build self-constructing and deconstructing, folding houses. These houses don't just fold but get tucked into the trailer of a truck. So if you ever fancied living somewhere else, but liked your current house very much, worry not.


How these houses get packed and laid out



In an animated video released by the company, we can see up to 3 houses, all having different designs, fold up neatly into the trailer of a truck that can easily be driven away. A single-storeyed house of this type can take up to 1500 square feet and a double-storeyed house 2,690 square feet.


The composition of folding houses


These modular homes come with 15cm thick walls, that are reinforced with steel plates, and an autonomous diesel generator, with facilities for plumbing and electricity. Several other models are expected with solar panels as power solutions. This will truly make the houses portable and fully self-sustained, in terms of power and other energy requirements.


Blu Homes' high-end products that cost less (but no so much)





Another company, Blu Homes has gathered a set innovative architects and designers to come up with high-end folding home solutions. Homes that don't look like they're made of plastic. They feel that such prefab homes are also more environmentally friendly as they reduce the pollution & wastes produced during conventional construction methods. Also, they say that their prefab homes can be erected within a matter of weeks, rather than months-on-end of construction conventional brick houses need. Their modular housing solutions range from a petite 465 square feet home to a lavish 3000 square feet mansion. Also, all these houses come ready with solar panels, thereby dramatically reducing living costs.


The doubts


Although all this sounds extremely neat and sophisticated, skeptics of the system still have doubts regarding the kitchen, bathroom facilities, and furniture. Many have questioned the placement of furniture while the house is on the move, to which the lead engineers have said it would go at the center of the truck. This is surely one of the brilliant inventions of the world, but other questions like what about leakage with so many joints, or the question about where the bathroom equipment and kitchen stuff would go, remain unanswered.



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