17 Weird yet Brilliant Inventions of the world-It ain’t Stupid if it Works list!


We have had some extraordinary scientist in the form of Graham Bell, Nikola Telsa, Jeff Bezos who have achieved unprecedented success through innovation and technological breakthroughs, and then we have these people who have turned the simplest of annoyances into a hassle free experience! Some might look absolutely stupid, but hey, if it looks stupid but it works, it ain't stupid!  



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1. Baby stroller


Scooter hybrid for the power moms that need to speed through to the grocery store but can't part from their kids!






2. Hairy stockings


Just to prevent perverts from gawking at your neatly waxed legs. What's the whole point of waxing then?






3. Ab-enhancer


This is sure to leave a mark, and nothing more, but gives you the 2-hour-look you need for that first date!






4. Dog-umbrella


 One that doubles up as a leash too! Just brilliant!






5. Pizza scissors


 It is for a hassle free serving of the world's favorite Italian dish!






6. Corner frames


This is the one thing that all our walls craved! You can even add two different pictures into one, single frame! Saves wall space too.






7. LED slippers


This is for a confident walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night! And if you're like me to keep the ghosts away!






8. Grass slippers


This is for taking a stroll in the park barefooted, any time you want!






9. Egg cuber


This is a machine that just turns your eggs into well, cubes! Looks good on the plate, though.






10. Beer holster


 This is for all you beer lovers, that "have" to have a beer once every three and a half minutes!






11. Fuut


It is a hammock for your foot, one invention that needs to be funded immediately!






12. Potato chip grabber


 This is for all those times when your fingers stop working!






13. Monowheel


 This is for sure that 'll make you look less dorky! But has got a top speed of 57 mph (91 kph)!






14. The weight watcher belt


This belt is to constantly remind you of that extra belly fat you have been carrying around!






15. Nail clock


Who wears nail color anymore when every single thing is going hi-tech!






16. Lock cup


This is to lock up your cup of coffee & ensure that nobody steals from your cup!






17. Baby Mop


Mom gets a fantastic idea to clean the floor. Yes, you can dress your baby with this Mop. Wherever he or she goes the floor is cleaned. 





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