17 Facts About Dreams Which are Unknown Till Now


Dreams are a curiosity that none has been able to decipher absolutely and conclusively till date. There are theories and there are inferences, but concretized ideas are yet to be reached to explain the overall functioning and utility of dreaming. Having said that, there are many facts and observations about dreams that we all would be interested in and thus, here are 17 curiosity filled facts about dreams that were unknown (till now).



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1. No Reading


You cannot read when you are inside a dream, no matter how educated or literate you are.







2. Dream Catchers


Dream Catchers were made by native Americans as a symbol of protection against nightmares.







3. Brain Exercise


Our brains do more work while dreaming than during day activities requiring continuous brain work.







4. What's The Time?


You cannot tell the exact time in a dream. If you consciously look at the clock in your dream, it will show different one each time.







5. Premonition Dreams


People have experienced premonition dreams, where they got a glimpse of future. Well, their dreams literally came true!







6. Real Premotion Incidents


While Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination, many victims of 9/11 and Titanic catastrophes had premonition dreams too.







7. Lucid Dreams


You can control your dreams! The phenomenon is called Lucid Dreaming, where you can do whatsoever that you want and you won't die.







8. "Dream" Inventions


Some great human inventions are the result of dreaming: Google, AC Generator, Periodic Table, Sewing Machine, Double Helix spiralled DNA and the list goes on.







9. B&W Dreams


There are a whole 12% of people who don't experience colors and only dream in black and white.







10. Blind Dreaming?


The people, blind from birth, don't see images but they do dream, with same senses as they use in everyday life. People who got blind later in life have images as well.







11. No Dream: Myth


60â„… of humans don't remember dreams at all, as if they have never dreamt in their lives! But that's not so, everyone dreams, everyone!







12. No Dream: Exception


As everything has an exception, the people with REM disorder don't dream at all. This leads to a lack of creativity, which is rejuvenated by dreaming.







13. Negative Dreams


The strongest emotions that have been felt while dreaming are sadness, anger, and fear. Sadly, we have more negative dreams than positives.







14. Dreams: 'M' vs 'F'


Women's dreams have an equal ratio of both sexes while males' dreams have men in a majority. While men have more aggressive dreams, the themes are not different at all.







15. Average Dreaming


An average human being sees up to 7 dreams in a night's sleep and spends approximately 1-2 hours only dreaming, though sub-consciously.







16. Unknown Faces?


Each face that we see in our dreams has been seen by our eyes at some point in life or the other. We only see people we have noted down unconsciously or subconsciously.







17. Dream Dangers


An extreme of dream dangers is sleep-walking, a condition in which people go out and do things that they have no memory of later. Killing someone, sex with strangers, making creative things, all have been done while sleepwalking.





Hope you enjoyed reading these unknown facts about dreaming. Do comment down to let us know your thoughts on the same. Cheers!



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