13 Crazy Inventions of Science that Really Exit ! 11th one is beyond Imagination

Here is the list of all those "Hey, you ever imagine if we could…" inventions that actually came true, or will come true in the immediate future. Read on to find out more… 



1. IronMan's suit (Bionics)



Every single person who was watched Iron-Man or played Farcry is bound to have wished for a metal suit of armor. You're in luck (if you are in the army) as the US govt. has been making excellent progress with such armors. Suit up!




2. Smart lenses



This piece of tech is better than Google glasses, nobody will even notice it. It detects blood glucose levels and other health related information and sends it to the relevant professionals.




3. 3D printing



With a 3D printer in with you, you can print virtually anything! Right from shoes, to clothing, to even food in the near future!




4. Self-Driving cars



Although this technology hasn't been perfected yet, it is the future of transportation. Biggies such as Google and Uber are already in the testing phase and do have a high success rate.




5. Password pills by Motorola



Imagine this: You never have to remember a single password ever again! All you have to do is swallow this pill and until it gets thrown out of your body, you can log into any of your devices, just like that! hats off to Motorola. 




6. Optical Camouflage



It's not entirely an invisibility cloak from the Harry Potter movies, but partial invisibility has to do for now!




7. Doggy Translator



This is a headset that sits on your dog's head and records the Electroencephalograph (EEG) technology to determine what your dog is trying to communicate. As of now, it can make out an only basic pattern of Hunger, tiredness, curiosity. SO waiting for the future!




8. A Car / Boat / Submarine



Yes! A James Bond movie prop brought to life! This car can float on water, run on land and take a dive and wade through the waters like a submarine. And it's probably the only Sci-Fi-made-into-reality toy that actually looks cool!



9. Universal translator



Remember the Universal translator device from Star Trek? That is almost perfected as we speak, with a capability of around 40 language translations already implemented!




10. Automatic cocktail maker



This one's a treat for the party goers! Over 300 cocktails prepared, in under 10 secs, all you have to do is select the alcohol mixture level and select using a touchscreen!




11. Fart pill



Are you afraid of the nasty, malodorous fart? Not anymore, these pills can make your fart smell like roses or even chocolate! Homebred by Frenchman Christian Poincheval.




12. Stain-free jacket for Chefs!



This one does as advertise. Any liquid spilled over it just slides right off the jacket. Perfect for the cooks in the family! wink




13. Selfie toaster



Selfie-lovers, why to stop at just taking a picture, when you can eat them! This toaster allows you to toast your bread with a pattern of your picture!

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