9 Ridiculously Accurate Predictions that came true right in front of our eyes!


Predictions, Forecasts, and soothsaying are taken with a pinch of salt! After all, it is left to the reader and his extent of belief in connecting dots from history to the present. Whether they are mere coincidences or actual prophecies, these 9  set of incidents are truly awe-inspiring!




1. Nostradamus predicted the rise of Hitler



Back in 1555, French apothecary & seer, Michel de Nostredame predicted that there would be a poor boy, from West Europe, who will attract people with his speaking skills and his fame would spread to the East. That was Hitler! 




2. Jules Verne predicted the Apollo Moon Landing in 1865



The Fiction writer Jules Verne successfully predicted the Apollo 11 mission to Mars, about a 100 years before any of that was even thought possible. He even predicted the location of the launch – Florida, the number of astronauts aboard and the weightlessness that would be felt on the Moon! 




3. The Mayans & the Blind Bulgarian Clairvoyant predicted the 9/11 attacks!



The mystical Mayans and the blind Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga rightly predicted that there would be horror in America and that steel birds will hit America!




4. Mayans detected the Planet X (Nibiru) that revolves around our Sun



They have rightly predicted the existence of Planet X a.k.a Nibiru which has a revolution period between  10,000 to 20,000 years around the Sun. Today's scientists have also confirmed this.




5. Nostradamus predicted the death of Princess Diana



Nostredame had predicted that Diana's life would be taken in his novel of prophecies, and rightfully Princess Diana of Wales died in a car accident in 1997.




6. Johnathan Swift's prediction of Mars's 2 Moons



Swift in his novel, Gulliver's Travels had written that there were 2 Moons for Mars and it is indeed true! What's fascinating is that the novel was written about 140 years before the Moons' discovery!




7. Elena Sheppard predicted all the 25 winners of the Golden Globe 2013



Even with sophisticated algorithms and extensive industry research, the odds of predicting the winners 25 out of 25 are astronomical! But somehow Elena did exactly that! 




8. The Bhagavad Gita's prediction of Money ruling the world



Lord Krishna's advice to Arjuna, documented in the form of The Gita has millions and millions of lessons to teach us. Along with this, it also makes several more predictions that have come true, one amongst them is that only the wealthy will be considered as elite!



9. Nostradamus's Trump election prediction



Back in the 17th century, Nostradamus had apparently predicted the election of one Mr. Trump in his writing. They said,  “The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention, The bridge broken, the city faint from fear!"

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