Top 5 Intriguing Theories of What Happens After Death

Everyone wants to know what happens after death. Unfortunately, no one can come back to tell the story. That is why there is so much speculation about what happens after death. Therefore, there are so many theories put forward by knowledgeable people and neither those death theories can be discarded or accepted. Check out such top 5 intriguing theories about what could possibly happen after death.

Death- A False Impression

The way we see the time, in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years, is not only the ultimate thing. Only we, human have a sense of time and according to use time only goes forward. But, in reality, the time has a vast concept and we understand it partially. According to the concept of the Universe, the time continuously flows equally for past, present, and future. But, we can only witness the present and cannot deny the presence of past and future. The relationship between time and reality works the same way. We live in the three-dimensional space-time which means our death is a lie and we go to another dimension by leaving the present.


You Will Be Excreted

Some theorists believe that this universe is one giant brain of some higher species. The number of brains can be one or more than once in the same containers. According to this theory, the solar system is considered to a brain cell and humans are irrelevant parts of it. The thousands of millions of human history happens in less than a second. As an irrelevant part of the mind, the huge brains let use die by removing our consciousness and treats us like the dead cells of our body.


Reincarnation And Death

In general thought, you die and born again as our souls enter a new body every time we die. According to Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist, researcher on reincarnation says that reincarnation is the “survival of personality after death”. The Asians agree and Europeans disagree with this concept about reincarnation. The concept of souls/consciousnesses is that they can reincarnate on earth in different bodies. Popularly believed that souls travel through the universe and they can enter the bodies of any human, insects or even the bodies of aliens and the concept is still beyond our knowledge.


Life Goes On

“Déjà vu” is a common thing people always feel at some point in their lives. The place you never visited before or the people you never met before feels like you have been there or know the person for decades. According to the theory of death, your life is in a continuous loop. All the repeated events in your life offer better control of your life every time. So, there is no such thing death, you are just in a game and you level up for betterment.


Conscious Is Not Real

According to this theory, we are like the binary digits and some unknown source is programming each segment of our lives. They are giving us entity and deleting it as per their own will. We are living under their programming and they are probably putting the code whenever we just close our eyes. There is no such thing as the “real world” we are living and the consciousness is just created for us. They have the complete power to change us to a completely different person by filling codes.


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