Top 10 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters

Even though women must not be objectified but there is no denying the fact women are the most beautiful things in the world. Therefore, even in comics, the female characters are highlighted for their talent as well as beauty. There are certain female comic book characters who have taken a permanent place in the minds of the fans. The following is the list of the hottest female characters in comic books.

Harley Quinn

The paranormal admirer of the “clown prince of crime” is one of the most alluring sensations in DC comics. She likewise turned into a sort of hot image in funnies. While Joker may not allow her a subsequent look, however, we can’t take our eyes off her.


Black Canary

Black Canary is an anecdotal super heroine. Her outfit is an appealing dark outfit with fishnet tights and blonde hair. She battles an illegal act utilizing hand to hand fighting and a sonic shout assault. It is the principal DC character with no superhuman abilities. Black Canary is continually riding her horse.



Rouge is one of the most fatal freaks in the X-Men world. She, for the most part, dresses in the manner so she doesn’t limit up harming individuals unexpectedly. It does not slaughter anybody except if it is completely essential. Also, the Rogues forgo drug sedate. Full bodysuit and gloves are the outfits that she wears.


Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson is a noteworthy love enthusiasm of Peter Parker or Spider-Man. She is among the most adored female comic book characters. She doesn’t have any superpowers. An uncommon delight, with green eyes, red forehead, her energy for displaying and acting that got the attention of fans.


Wonder Woman

Princess Diana is the warrior Prince of Amazon. She isn’t simply among the most dominant female characters in comics. Yet in addition among the hottest female comic book characters. She fights for equity, love, and most remarkably hot orientation balance. Wonder woman is a feminist icon now. She has a noteworthy outfit and amazing features. Yet, the feature of Wonder Woman is her confidence.


Poison Ivy

Pamela can actually utilize her excellence to slaughter her enemies, with the assistance of her mind-controlling capacities. She emanates pheromones to allure the two people rendering her fantastic great looks practically unnecessary. Besides, she can inhale carbon dioxide and expect daylight to deliver vitality. She leaves us in a genuine problem of whether to value her great looks or unfathomable forces.



Vampirella is one of the most known faces in the frightfulness comic book class. It conquers the wicked powers on earth with the assistance of her otherworldly vampiric capacities. Capacities incorporate super-strength, shape moving capacities, just as everlasting status. Her gaze and even voice are alluring to guys. She has a noteworthy red outfit, which just improves her wonderful surprising body.


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