Top 6 Horrific Abandoned Amusement Parks In The World

Amusement parks are the best places in the world to be happy and get rid of all the stresses in the mind. However, some of the experiences in the amusement parks can be horrific not for the reasons you are thinking. It is not the accidents but the horror behind the scenes that have led to the permanent closure of certain beautiful amusement parks in the world. The following is the list of such top abandoned amusement parks in the world.

Dreamland Park –

Dreamland Park has had a history of several cases of gambling that resulted in closing of it hardly after two decades of its opening. Again in 1969, this park became a sensation when two putrefying bodies of a couple were found in the woods. Two members of a motorcycle gang were found guilty for raping the girl and beating up the couple and finally murdering them and were sentenced to life imprisonment.


Lake Shawnee Amusement Park –

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park in the folklore area was constructed over a burial ground where thirteen bodies were found. But this isn’t the end. The park also witnessed the murder of three children of Mitchell Clay by a Native American tribe. Everyone thinks that the dark past is the reason behind the six deaths. Still, the local inhabitants and the new owner of the park himself declare the place to be haunted.


Gulliver’s Kingdom –

One of the greatest examples of architecture in Japan was Gulliver’s Kingdom, a theme park with a huge statue of Gulliver. It was located next to the ‘Aokigahara Forest’, the second most infamous suicidal point after the Golden Gate Bridge. The group behind the Sarin gas attacks practiced gas production in a nearby village and it was smelled from the park ground. The park was completely destroyed in 2007.


Rocky Point Amusement Park –

Rocky Point Amusement Park, situated in Warwick, had been an absolute favourite before being shut down. In 1893, the murder of a five-year-old happened when the father of the little girl murdered her with a rock. But as he was found mentally unstable, he didn’t get any punishment. The park continued to be open for a hundred years after this incident, but finally, it was closed due to financial matters.


Joyland Amusement Park –

Joyland Amusement Park had been the biggest and the greatest amusement park in the southwest has a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, and a roller coaster. This park witnessed many ride-related killings but the deaths of two park employees were the most brutal. After that, a thirteen-year-old fell off of the Ferris wheel and eventually the park was closed.


Brandywine Springs Amusement Park –

Brandywine Springs Amusement Park featuring wooden roller coasters, restaurants, trains and castle house, had been a popular place to visit. But it became infamous after the murder of Catherine Bouidecki. A person named Samuel Gongas shot Areti Nichols. Then he set the photography gallery, railway,  and restaurants on fire. This way tragedy followed and left nothing amusing about the place.

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