Common Wrong Assumptions People Have About Millennials

Millennials are those who have reached adulthood and generally speaking, they are teenagers, in their twenties or thirties. They have the credit of driving the world economy and it is their habits and characteristics that determine the trends in the world. There are too many pessimistic and optimistic views about millennials and we are clearing out the wrong notions people have.

1. Anxious and Depressed

It is widely believed that millennials are more depressed and anxious than any other generation. They are leading a mentally unhealthy lifestyle. However, this is not true at all. Studies show that millennials are far more open about their mental illness, unlike any other previous generation. Intact, in most cases, depression was found rooted in the parenting of baby-boomers. But millennials are very much accepting and mature about mental health problems.

2. Lazy and Unemployed

A common assumption is that millennials are lazy and don’t have the ability to do certain sacrifices in their lives for a living. But this is not the actual picture. According to many surveys, millennials are far more progressive when it comes to money-making as the majority of them have the concept of flourishing their own business.

3. Not Loyal

Often millennials are considered to be unfaithful and disloyal and they don’t tend to marry young as their previous generation. Well, actually it is too early to even prove that but one thing is true for sure that millennials are really selective in choosing their life partners. Most of them don’t have to marry young so they prefer choosing their partners wisely than to find later that it was a mistake.

4. No Savings

Millennials are widely considered to be broke for their spending habits when they are compared to baby-boomers. But reports show that millennials have the potential to become the wealthiest generation of all times. According to some studies, many of the millennials like to secure their 401 plan, unlike any other generation.

5. Social Media Influence

This is 2019, an era of social media influencers. These influencers get into paid partnerships with brands and therefore advertise their products. Advertisements influence millennials and therefore spend a lot of money on that. Actually, it is not the truth at all. According to some reports, millennials care about their money too much and consider peer-recommended products over any advertisement. Also, they tend to discourage traditional TV advertisements.

6. Killing Industries

Millennials are blamed to kill many of the industries as their preferences and spending habits are different. For example, cable TV. But actually Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime come with a 60% lesser amount than cable TV. So, the other side of the coin is, millennials are engaging themselves to find more cost-effective ways of entertainment. And for their health consciousness, they tend to believe in product transparency.

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