7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try

We can all agree that the majority of people love non-veg cuisines over veg dishes. That is because most of the people do not know how good veg cuisines can be. Therefore, we are listing down the best veg cuisines are there in the world from countries across the world. Even if you hate veg cuisines, go for them and we are sure you won’t regret.

Japanese Cuisine:

Filled with spices, the Japanese cuisines are the most desired cuisines people consume the most all-over the world. From Mochi, Kushimono to Tempura, Japan offers limitless menus you do not want to miss at any cost. These cuisines are mostly served cold, so you can sit back and relax every bite of Japanese cuisines.


South Indian Cuisine:

Enjoy healthy and tasty cuisines by having a plate full of Dosa, Idli, and Sambhar from South India. All of the cuisines from South India are very much light and easy to digest. Even, these dishes make a healthy snack and the piquant taste lets you smack your lips every time.


Italian Cuisine:

Renowned for their best salads, Italian cuisines are filled with a lot of veggies with the twists and turns of spices and sauce. Italy has almost 20 regions and each of these places prepares their veggies with different cooking traditions. Panzanella, Mushroom Risotto and Caprese Salad with pesto sauce are a few famous Italian veggie salads worth trying.


Turkish Cuisine:

Enriched with the goodness of vegetables, Turkish cuisines mostly come with stuffed veggies. With a hint of spice, the dishes allure your taste buds. Mostly you can enjoy these cuisines with mouth-watering Ethiopian bread or freshly steamed rice. The spiciness is the main-driving ingredient of most of the Turkish cuisines.


Mexican Cuisine:

Unlike many other cuisines, Mexican cuisines with veggies taste a bit different. These dishes offer the right amounts of healthiness and tastiness. You must try Taco, Tortillas, Burrito and Mole from the categories of Mexican vegetarian dishes. While ordering, you should ask not to add meats. Even, if you order veggie dishes with lesser cheese, you will definitely enjoy the real taste of the vegetables.


North Indian Cuisine:

Taste-wise, north Indian cuisines can really rock your taste buds. From Amritsari Kulcha, Pav Bhaji to Chhole Bhature, the north Indian dishes are served with love. The spiciness of the cuisines is insane, if you love oily and spicy vegetable foods, then take a cheat day and have some Chhole Bhature.


Afghani Cuisine:

With a wide variety of spices, Afghani cuisines with vegetables are the ideal definition of healthy and tasty food. You can also enjoy the dishes by including or excluding meats. Kaddo is one of the popular cuisines in Afghan. This dish mainly contains twice-baked pumpkin appetizer. You can also try leak-filled ravioli namely Ashak.

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