Biggest LEGO Set In The World? The Top 11 List Has a Lot Of Surprises For You!


LEGO sets are one of the most creative toys or tools not only for the children but also for the adults. It helps you relax but keeps your brain productive. Almost every structure in the world has a LEGO set but the bigger it is, the more is the fun in it. Here is the complete list of the biggest LEGO set in the world that you must possess.



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1. Taj Mahal 




It is simply thrilling to reconstruct the Taj Mahal, and till date, it is the biggest LEGO set in the world. It is 16 inches in height and 20 inches in width. 


Number Of Pieces – 5,922




2. Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon




It is an amazing LEGO set to reconstruct especially when it is the starship from the Star Wars. It is visually epic, and undoubtedly the most puzzling LEGO set even. It hit the market in 2007, and it was sold at 6 Grand.


Number Of Pieces – 5,195




3. Firehouse Headquarters




It came out in 2016 and had become very popular even since. It has 12 mini figures, and the exterior of the building looks classic after reconstruction.  


Number Of Pieces – 4,634




4. Tower Bridge




It is total fun to reconstruct the beautiful Tower Bridge in London. It is one of the easiest things to do for LEGO set because you have to build the same building twice. 


Number Of Pieces – 4,287




5. Death War




This one too belongs to Star Wars. It is actually a combination of different movie scenes and one of the puzzling LEGO sets. You will probably become totally fade up in the process of reconstructing it. 


Number Of Pieces – 3,803




6. Death Star II 




Graphically, it looks stunningly beautiful especially due to that laser. Star Wars pieces are graphically very different and puzzling as well. It needs your full attention to reconstructing the smaller structures. 


Number Of Pieces – 3,441




7. Eiffel Tower




This is one of the most favorite Lego sets for all of the LEGO lovers. It looks simply stunning and a true masterpiece. Sometimes, you can go insane designing it properly because the color of all the pieces is same. 


Number Of Pieces – 3,428





8. Sandcrawler




This too belongs to Star Wars. LEGO is one of the biggest factors why Star Wars movies are so popular. It has many mini figures as well. 



Number Of Pieces – 3,296




9. Grand Carousel




It is one of the most liked LEGO sets by the children. But it is very complex as it is very compact and very puzzling. It is fully motorized and thus, reconstruction is only the beginning.


Number Of Pieces – 3,263




10. Super Star Destroyer




It is clean and classic but not so easy to construct. Towards the middle, everyone gets puzzled and once done it looks very impressive and something to take pride in


Number Of Pieces – 3,152





11. SHIELD Helicarrier




It is just scattered all over the places due to several mini figures. It is one of the favorites of the Marvel Studios fans. It comes with functioning turbines which make it one of the best-sellers.


Number Of Pieces – 2,996



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