Top 50 Cutest Baby Animals On Planet Earth Will Make You Forget About Everything


We all love the cute little beings, masters of fascinating everyone around them. However, it's not the human babies that are being referred to here but instead, the baby animals that are an epitome of cuteness altogether. One can just die over how adorable they are and none can help but get captivated by their cute pawy motions! Check out these 50 cutest baby animals on our beloved planet Earth.



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1. Puppy


Dog lover or not, a pup and puppy love can make anyone's day with its utmost cuteness. Puppies are adorable like none else!






2. Kittens


The felines define perfectly a woman's desire! Sexy as a lady and exclusively cute in the childhood. Kittens, eep!






3. Foal


The foal, baby of the mighty and fabulous horse, is one cute and handsome thing to keep your eye on, ain't that so?






4. Giraffe Calf


Imagine the littler version of the tall legs and neck and everything! Sounds cute already, as the baby giraffe is!






5. Elephant Calf


How would it be if one of the largest mammals on earth, i.e. elephants are reduced in size? Well, one thing would be cuteness, like that of elephant's calf. The other thing would be a hope of that never happening!






6. Baby Hedgehog


Baby Hedgehog is so small and cute, you can chiggle-wiggle with it all day long! See how it fits in your hand *love love*!






7. Crocodile Hatchling


Think of going towards a crocodile, and one may even pee in his pants! If it's your desire, though, go for the cute li'l hatchling, you can even play with it!






8. Baby Chameleon


The cute, colorful baby chameleon can seriously steal your heart with its sheer innocence and adoration.






9. Panda Cubs


They are not Kung Fu Pandas, but the cubs are darling enough to make any person fall in love with them. Lazy bums, cuteness at the peak!






10. Otter Pup


How immensely cute of the otter pups to sleep like they do! Aha, they will hold hands, and they will cuddle, and they will give you nice, sweet sleep. Yayness!






11. Polar Bear Cub


Ooooh, polar bear cub! Personifying cuteness, isn't it? And let me take this yes as an opportunity to appeal to take tiny steps to combat global warming. We don't want this cuteness to vanish.






12. Penguin Chick


Penguin chicks are so enchanting, you would want to "eat them up"! Not literally duh, eat them up like how you want to eat up your boyfriend or your sister's baby girl.






13. Joey


Yeah, Baby Kangaroo is called "Joey" and it can win you just by its small feet taking small hops covering small distances. Cute sight, it would be!






14. Rabbit Kit


Bunnies are one of the favorite pets as well as cartoon characters among the human beings. And why not, when the rabbit kits are so-so-so cute!






15. Tortoise Hatchlings


Tortoise hatchlings are so cutely tiny and charming, they almost look unreal until they show some kind of motion!






16. Chipmunk Pup


Chipmunks are so cute and lovable in themselves, it's only rhetoric to say that baby chipmunks are extremely cute and endearing!






17. Lion Cub


The naughtiness filled lion cubs only radiate cuteness with the touch of ferocity that is going to dominate when they grow up into almighty lions.






18. Ducklings


Those cute little yellow things moving around in gardens and greens can just hypnotize you! Ducklings, an epitome of cutesy loveliness!






19. Fawn


The baby deer, fawn, is an adorable mammal on earth and one should see a fawn running around to fathom the real cuteness about it.






20. Tiger Cub


The most ferocious cat is also one of the cutest as a baby! A tiger cub would be a dream to pet, thanks to its cuteness and strong fierceness!






21. Raccoon Kits


Raccoon Kits, so cute in themselves, can sleep for days during cold weather. The mere imagination of the same can give you adorability chills!






22. Zebra Foal


A zebra foal has this sophistication about it that is not just intriguing but is also cutely attractive and mesmerizing!






23. Lamb


The baby sheep can just make you go all “Aww” with their innocent face and simple personality. Different kind of cute, you know?






24. Skunk Kit


“So what we smell foul? So what we make your sense of smell unpleasant? Look at us, aren’t we cute?”






25. Red Panda Cubs


That sexy reddish-maroonish-color and the “I can never even attempt to be naughty” face sums up to a deadly cuteness combo in Red Panda Cubs.






26. Baby Platypus


You might not really be fond of platypus but a baby platypus is insanely cute and you can play with its paws all day long!






27. Fox Pup


A fox pup, no matter how clever he grows, looks so adoringly innocent and cute as a baby, it can just make you smile!






28. Piglet


The pink-pretty-piglet is a cuteness to watch out for, thanks to the utter fragility and delicateness that it portrays.






29. Llama Cria


With the grace and elegance that they execute, baby llamas are an eye-candy to look and be around with.






30. Rhinoceros Calf


It won’t take you long to fall in love with a rhino calf and its scared and shy look and personality only help.






31. Gosling


Look at all the baby goose following the lead with their teeny-weeny steps and oh my God, they are so cute! *love love*






32. Gorilla Infant


Watch out! A baby gorilla weighs 4.5 pounds from birth and rapidly grows. You don’t want to miss the cuteness of the real “baby” gorilla!






33. Baby Hyena


Baby Hyenas have a similar look-alike as that of the puppies. What more, they are equally sweet and lovable too!






34. Armadillo Pup


Not all babies are similar kind of cute and an armadillo pup is a perfect example of a different yet striking kind of cuteness.






35. Camel Calf


Look at the cute, fragile thing and can you even imagine it can be so strong so to live without water for an epitome long time?!






36. Weasel Kit


The feeling of a weasel kit fitting in your hand so perfectly is bound to make you find them extremely naughty and cute.






37. Cheetah Cub


Meet this tiny cat that can win your heart in a second! Well, that is if you can dare to be around the baby cheetah, duh.






38. Chicks


Chicks as in to eat, no! Chicks as in the girls, no! Chicks as in the cute little things you can watch all day long, oh yes!






39. Monkey Infant


If you happened to have seen a baby monkey sometimes, you would know the exact cuteness that I’m talking about!






40. Goat Kid


Goat Kid is the “simple, studious student” of the baby animal world. How did we come to the conclusion? Look at its cute face!






41. Whale Calf


The baby version of the ‘danger beyond imagination’ can actually be a heck of a cute and pleasant sight!






42. Opossum Joey


The energetic and fun-filled – “I am going to bite you, right now!” – expressing baby opossums are really a treat to watch.






43. Cow Calf


The simple and content looking cows share this expression with their baby versions too, making the calves look darn adorable.






44. Baby Lemur


The big, shiny eyes can be scary, eh? Try this: Stare at the baby lemur back and unleash the ‘stare’ cuteness!






45. Dolphin Calf


Dolphins are an adorable species and to get around a baby dolphin must be an amazingly cute and playful experience.






46. Owlet


Owls look so wise and intriguing, it’s only natural to fall in love with the cute baby owlet with its littler versions of the qualities.






47. Seal Pup


The snowy white seal pup is a delight to watch in the documentaries and such. Imagine if you can witness this cuteness live someday!






48. Orangutan Infant


Baby orangutan are extremely full of energy, which also reflects the immense cuteness that they possess. Eep!






49. Hamster Pups


It’s easy to like the furry and soft hamster pups but they are so cute that you will love the initial phase of hairless and toothless pups too.






50. Koala Joey


The way the Koala bear joeys hide in their mother’s pouch, that too for the whole six months after birth, is just adorable.






Girl or Boy didn't you just go "Aww" for these babies! Do put down your comments on which baby animal you loved the most. Hope you enjoyed reading. Cheers!



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