75 Most Likely To Questions To Make Your Get Together Entertaining

Do you want to do something different the next time you get together with your friends? "Most Like To" game is what you need to try out the next time your friends gather in a group. With your food and drink, you can introduce this new fun and entertaining game and get more insights into your friends' opinions.

One by one everyone has to ask questions that begin with 'Who Is Most Like To' and everyone has to point out the person who is likely to be the answer to the question. Do you want to knock your friend out of the park? Here is the best compilation of most likely to questions of different genres. 



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General Questions



Who Is Most Likely To –


1. Become a multi-millionaire in life?

That is a great way to find out the person to hook up with.


2. To get married without love?

There could be multiple candidates and it would be embarrassing to accept. 


3. Do his own thing(entrepreneur) in future?

This is going to be a moment of pride for some.


4. Get into a serious fight with the friends in the group?

This is going to sting a little bit but the harsh reality has to be confessed. 


5. End life worrying what the society would say?

Acknowledgement for the most coward guy/girl in the mix. 


6. Do anything for a friend?

The moment of truth for the most responsible guy or girl. 


7. Be on a commercial or on a reality show?

Most people are likely to point out to the hottest guy/girl in the group.


8. Travel the world in his/her lifetime?

Time to point out the person you envy the most.

9. Become a YouTube superstar?

Unveil the most creative person in the group.


10. Have the biggest house and most expensive car among the friends?

Can be someone whose dad is very rich.


11. Be the most popular person in the group in terms of fame?

It depends on how highly you think of a friend.


12. Be someone who would get a divorce?

You are putting people on the spot to speak the harsh truth. Different people different perspectives. 


13. Be completely addictive to alcohol?

We always have a drunkard in the group but it can also depend on the life situation.


14. Be the person to betray friends?

The culprit will be exposed naked. 


15. Take a bullet for their parents?

Many would do it for their crush and girlfriends!


16. Kill a person who cracks a joke on him publicly?

Some people cannot contain their anger, especially when embarrassed in public. 


17. Be the dark horse in the group in terms of positive surprises and doing unexpected good things?

Now you can infuse some hope on the hopeless.


18. Be the first person to always ask stupid questions?

Person with different level of understanding.


19. Do literally anything for money and fame?

Everyone craves to have money and fame but it is the character that stays forever.


20. Live in some other countries permanently?

Has to be the person who loves to travel a lot. 


Funny Questions



Who Is Most Likely To –


21. Win a lottery and breakup with his/her partner?

Argh! That friend is exposed who is hardcore materialistic


22. Get trolled on social media sites?

This is a noble intention to make a person aware that he/she should stop uploading weird stuff on social media sites.


23. Fall asleep in office or class?

You are definitely going to embarrassing someone especially the one who has fat on his/her body. 


24. Get married to his/her lover by running away from home?

You are literally adding fuel to the fire.


25. Get caught by parents watching adult movies?

Someone will be humiliated completely if everyone points out one person. Difficult choice!


26. Cry in public places like a baby?

We always have someone whose tears are always heavy for eyes to keep within.


27. Get caught by parents going adult activities?

There are different kinds of adult activities and only close friends can answer this correctly. 


28. Fart in public and get caught?

Some people definitely need a silencer. 

29. Embarrass themselves in front of their crushes?

There is always someone in the group who mess things up at the right moment. 


30. Have most children among the group?

The person must have taken the complete advice of the Kamasutra.


31. Spend more money on partners than on themselves?

There are always a few who are born to impress others. 


32. Be someone who fantasizes about being an adult star in life?

Identify the kinkiest person in the group. Can be a girl!


33. Be someone who gets beaten by in public for his/her behavior?

Must be the most annoying person or the over smart one.


34. Get multiple STDs due to lack of control?

This is funny and likely to be the horniest guy/girl in the group. 


35. Be someone who would crash ex's wedding and make his/her life miserable?

There are always some extremely emotional, extrovert and insane people.


36. Cry when an emotional scene is shown?

Most likely to be the weak link of the group.


37. Be someone who would be chased by dogs?

Not pet dogs but street ones. Do explain the hilarious reason for your choice.


38. Have the poorest IQ score?

You are sure to piss someone.


39. Be someone to have tattoos in private parts?

Identify the person obsessed with tattoos.


40. Be someone who hates to wear underwear?

Need to take a good look at everyone's lower part now.


41. Be somebody to get slapped in public for flirting or groping someone else?

Bad habits need to be revealed and voices must be raised. 


42. Spend least of his/her money throughout lifetime(a miser)?

This is quite easy because of your past experience.


Weird Questions



Who Is Most Likely To –


43. Be a drama queen for the rest of his/her life?

It is a healthy way of pointing out someone's overacting character. 


44. Have weird phobias and ridiculous habits?

This is a guess work but you may just be right.


45. Get cheated by his boyfriend or girlfriend?

You are trying to point out to the guy or the girl that his/her current partner is not trustable. 


46. Kill someone for money or forced love?

This is going to be interesting and there would be multiple fingers pointing at different people in the group.


47. Prefer partner over parents even though your partner is wrong?

This is going to be embarrassing as it would expose how the person is totally dependent on his/her lover. 


48. Do a lot of cosmetic surgery?

Definitely, everyone will point out the girls in the group and it remains to be seen who gets all the votes. 

49. Get arrested for illegal activities?

Only those who are partners in crime can know this correctly.


50. Take drugs for the rest of his/her life?

This is going to be really weird and offensive.


51. Get murdered in the long run?

This is a tough call and be ready with your explanation.

52. Have a haunting experience in life in future?

Random call but enough to set fire to the heart.

53. Get abandoned by his/her children in old age?

Must be the person whom you hate the most.


54. Have a miserable life till death?

Has to be somebody whom you hate the most in the group. 


55. Be someone to taste his/her own reproductive fluid?

There should be multiple persons at whom the fingers might be pointing. The weirdo!


56. Get robbed of all the money and possessions?

The person with no luck in anything so far. 


57. Be someone who would lose everything for his/her whimsical nature?

Time to point out the weakness of your friends and make them realize the truth before it is too late. 


58. Be the dumbest person in the group going forward?

Time to get brutally honest.


59. Kill his/her partner out of anger and frustration?

Time to publicly point them out and make them realize the truth.


60. Be struggling in life to make it enough for a living?

Can be the unluckiest person or the dumbest one.


61. Be a great gambler in life and make a fortune?

Not many people are going to be lucky enough but some people are just great at predictions.


Spicy Questions



Who Is Most Likely To –


62. Bring boyfriend/girlfriend secrets at home when the parents are out?

This is going to be easy and hence, prepare to see some blushed faces. 


63. Make out with a cousin when there is an opportunity?

Everyone will know who has the hottest cousin. 


64. Be the first in the group to lose virginity?

This is easy if you know your friend's character well.


65. Fantasy a lot and get wet dreams often?

It is the perfect run to expose the lustful person. 


66. Get married first and get a baby within a year?

Pointing out the guy/girl who just cannot wait any longer.


67. Be the person who stalks the friends in the group the most?

There is always someone introvert who checks out friends cum crushes.


68. Be too horny and have sex very often?

Pointing out the person who always talks about banging.


69. Be someone who prefers one-night stand over true love?

Unmask the pretender.


70. Make out in public to the extreme?

Some people are extremely extrovert and see no world around them. 


71. Be the person who will have extra-marital affairs?

Some people never get satisfied with one. 


72. Be someone to make out with teacher or boss?

There is never a dearth for such persons. 


73. Be someone to marry a foreigner?

Everyone has an obsession with foreigners but who has the guy to do it.


74. Be someone to marry the person of the same gender?

There could be a lot depending on how well you have observed your friends.


75. Make out with influential persons to get a better opportunity?

Someone who is not afraid of losing dignity. 


Do you have more scandalous questions in your mind that could be a part of the game, do share them with us. 



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