25 Best Facebook Cover Photos For Girls Only

Do you know that Facebook did not have cover photos for the first seven years? The feature was added when Facebook underwent a massive change in 2011 and came up with the feature of Timeline. It is a fact that your cover photo is the first thing people notice when they visit your profile. Hence, it forms the first impression. When you upload a cover photo, its quality deteriorates because it is compressed for faster loading speed. There are also hidden Facebook features that you should know to update yourself for the updated version of Facebook

Even though Facebook has more male users than female but girls are way ahead when it comes to the frequency of changing profile pictures and cover photos. Cover photos are a graphical way of representing what is on your mind. Just like getting ready for a party, they spent equal time carefully selecting the cover photos to be uploaded on their accounts. Here are 25 best Facebook cover photos for girls to define their personality and mood symbolically.



Check Out Best Cover Photos For Girls 


For Little Girls


1. 100% Princess




Every little girl wants to portray herself as a princess to the world as they grow up idealizing princess from the fairy tales. This is a perfect FB cover pic for them, and the arrow gives it a swag.


2. Disney Princess 1



If you want to do your cover image do all the talking, a Disney princess would do just that. It is colorful, eye-catching and portrays you as a cute girl. 


3. Disney Princess 2



This is one of the most used Facebook covers by the little girls who reveals the little princess hidden inside them. 


4. Cute Doll



Just like a princess, little girls like to portray themselves as cute and pretty dolls. This is the best cover image because of the dark shade behind the area where the profile photo would be so that the profile pic also gets highlighted equally. 


For School Girls 


5. First Love



This is an ideal cover pic to showcase your first love. It is dedicated to your crush or your boyfriend. Even he can put up the same cover image on his profile to complement each other. 


6. Pink Cover



As girls grow up, it is a fact that pink becomes their favorite color and what could be better than having a pink cover with a cute soft toy or teddy. 


7. Carefree Spirit




School girls are the personification of free spirit and enthusiasm. This is a symbolic cover that represents travel, adventure, and care-free spirit. 


For College Girls 


8. Just Be Yourself 




This is a common quote that college girls use because as they go to college, they get the full freedom from their parents to roam about and live their lives. 


9. Tattoo Generation




The tattoo has become a must thing for a college girl, and everyone follows the trend to look cool. Every time they get a tattoo on their body, they symbolically make people know about it. 


10. Fashion Cover





For college girls, shopping and fashion are two big things in life. They make sure they flaunt it with beautiful color combination. 


11. Attitude Quote





Everyone girl loves to create a demand when they grow up especially for boys to chase them. This is just the perfect quote to put up.


For Girls Getting Married 


12. The Auspicious Ceremony





A wedding is one of the biggest and happiest events in a girl life, and it is natural for a girl to show the exquisite beauty of the event graphically. 


13. Engagement Quote





This is a very logical quote and brings out the mutual understanding and bonding between the couple.


14. The Wedding Day





Girls like to portray their wedding artistically, and this is the best cover pic to do so as it has an element of humor


15. After Marriage





This is a common trend to put up a Mr. and Mrs. FB cover pic by the newly married couple. It is like making it official on social media.


Miscellaneous Cover Photos 

16. First Job





This is a cryptic cover photo for girls to show that they have got their first job and became independent and self-sustaining.

17. Soon To Be Mother





This is a symbolical photo to describe that you are pregnant and expecting to deliver soon. 

18. Just Became The Mother 





The perfect quote which shows the change in perspective and lifestyle once a girl becomes a mother. 

19. Attitude Quote 





Especially for occasions when you had a fight with your boyfriend. 


20. Smiley Quotes





Girls like to use smiley quotes a lot may because they are fond of smiley balls or have an intense liking for bright yellow color. An inspirational quote is perfect for every occasion.


21. Flaunting Yourself





For girls, style and attitude are of immense importance, and they do not miss a chance to show off

22. After Break-Up





This is a perfect cover to put up on Facebook a few days after the breakup, and it is a way of merry-making after a pathetic relationship.


23. Cute Sorry Message




This is a perfect cover to put up after you had a fight with your boyfriend and you realized it was your fault


24. Long Distance Relationship





This is perfect when you are in a relationship, and you have not met your boyfriend for a long time. 


25. Grabbing Eyeball





If you want a lot of friend requests and messages and basically attention from boys when you are single, this is the perfect cover pic for your FB profile.


Choose the best cover pic from the list and bookmark the page to visit again in a couple of weeks to try out another cover image on your profile.



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