Best Fidget Spinners For Kids and Adults – Benefits, DIY, and Product List

A fidget spinner is a simple toy that became extremely popular in 2017 so much so that it became a household item. From kids to adults, everyone is having different types of fidget spinners, and it is highly addictive. It consists of a bearing in the center and flat structures emanating from it that spin along the axis with a light touch.

The flat structures can be of plastic or metal, and they can be of any number. The toy was invented in 1993 when it became popular among school students but was banned in some schools as it was a distraction. Later in 2017, it became popular when the benefits of fidget spinner went viral where it is claimed to be a stress buster.



Fidget Spinners Popularity & Things To Do With Fidget Spinners



The craze of this twirling gadget has taken over the world. From cubicles to classrooms, everyone has it spinning on their hands. Offline stores are getting customers asking for fidget spinners of different varieties, and in the online shopping sites, stocks are running out like hot cakes.

The price of the fidget spinners have shot up exponentially, and people are ready to pay for them at any cost. It went viral when it was publicized that fidget spinners can cure autism or attention disorders. 

In today's world, almost everyone is suffering from stress and attention disorders. When they are getting something so small for so less price, why not give it a try is a mentality everyone is affected by. Furthermore, all the YouTubers and social media influencers are publicizing it at a such a large scale that you would be forced to give it a try. Without further ado, let us find out the benefits fidget spinner sellers are claiming to provide. 


Benefits Of Fidget Spinner

  • If you are suffering from fidgeting, fidget spinner can help you getting back focus and concentration. 
  • If you are tensed, worried or nervous, you can spin them and distract your mind.
  • If you have some bad habits, you can spin them and get yourself hook whenever you feel the urge to perform those bad habits. 
  • If your mind is getting distracted while studying or doing any work, spin them and get your attention back.
  • If you are highly stressed, they can help to ease you out.
  • They also help you to stay awake in long drive, and it helps parents to keep their kids away from smartphones and computer games. 
  • It also claims to boost memory and creativity and decrease anxiety.
  • It also helps people to have a calm conversation and prevent aggressiveness.



Interesting Things You Can Do With Fidget Spinners


Apart from spinning it and watching it, there are a lot of things you can do with a fidget spinner which makes it all the more interesting item to have. But be careful because doing irresponsible tricks with the fidget spinner have injured people as well. 

Spinner Doodles – Children loves to make doodles, and they can use the fidget spinner to draw amazing and creative doodles. Just put the colorful pens through the hole gently and spin the spinner lightly. 

Spinner Timer – In the morning, you can use it as a time where you do a certain exercise till the spinner stops spinning. A good spinner easily rotates for 2-3 minutes in one spin. Using this same principle, you can do the quiz and other fun activities. 

Canvas Drawing – Grab a canvas and some colors and spin the spinner in the middle on the canvas and make the color fall on the spinner from the top. It will create an awesome firework design. 

Apart from these, you can spin it on several body parts without any chance of injury or hurting. You can spin it on your fingers, legs or over any object. You can even use it to strike lids to place them in cardboard goalpost. 


Diy Fidget Spinner (How To Make A Fidget Spinner)  

Nothing is more satisfying than making an object at home and using it the same way like the same object available in the market. If you plan to make a customized fidget spinner at home, follow the following guide rigorously and design a perfect fidget spinner to play with and give it the look you feel the best. 


How To Make A Fidget Spinner WIthout Bearing?


Material Required – 

A Small Ruler

A Few A4 Paper




Pencil and Toothpick.

25/50 Paise Coins. 


Step 1. You should make a rectangle in the same shape as the ruler. The rectangle should be at one corner of the A4 paper. After drawing the rectangle, make the corners round and mark the center point by drawing the diagonals and marking the intersection point. This would be the shape and size of the fidget spinner with two wings. 



Step 2. Now fold the paper in such a way that the drawing stays on the top. Now, take the scissor and cut out the drawing. From one paper you will get 6-10 such cutouts. Similarly, do the same one other paper and get at least 20 cutouts in the same shape and size.



Step 3. Join the cutouts A4 papers with glue so that they stick together in proper shape. The process will take certain time as you have to join one cutout with the other and let them dry and again join them with the remaining ones. 


Step 4. Now, you have joined the cutouts together, it is time to attach weight on the end of the wings. For that, we will use the coins and use super glue to attach them on both sides. 



Step 5. Take the compass and draw circles on the leftover A4 papers. Make 20 circles and cut them out with the scissor. Take the toothpick and pierce the circle cutouts into the toothpick. 



Step 6. Create a small hole in the center of the of the cutout you made in Step 4. Remember that you pointed out the center at the very beginning. The hole must be slightly bigger than the toothpick so that there is no friction while spinning. 



Step 7. Put the toothpick with circle cutouts through the hole and let the circle cutouts settle down. Some of the must be from the top and some from the bottom. Add glue on the top of the cutouts so that they join with the toothpick. 


Step 8. Cut out the extra part of the toothpick and spin your fidget spinner without bearing.


How To Make A Fidget Spinner With Bearing?

It is rather easy to make a fidget spinner when you use bearing. As a matter fact, you can prepare so many different types of fidget sinners as per your liking effortlessly. 

Materials Required –

3-4 Skateboard Bearings

Thick Rubber Band

Super Glue


Step 1. Take three skateboard bearings which you can buy from e-commerce websites. You have to place them side by side on a perfectly horizontal axis. Take a knife and pop the protector out of the middle bearing. This will expose the wheel and will help in joining them together easily.

Step 2. Again, place them in a straight horizontal axis. Alignment is very important and uses the super glue to join them together. 

Step 3. Wrap three of those joined bearings with the thick rubber band so that they stay straight and it will act as a support. 

Step 4. When the adhesive is completely dry, take off the band and start spinning. You can add colors to the bearing for giving them different looks. 

This is a spinner with two wings. You can make a traditional spinner with three wings, but for that, you have to place the bearing like a triangle. 



Different Types Of Fidget Spinner Toys 



The first version of the fidget spinner had only two wings. But only the traditional fidget spinners have three wings. The materials with which a fidget spinner is made varies a lot, and so does the price. Most of the cheap fidget spinners are made up of plastic and aluminum while others have brass, stainless steel, copper, and titanium.

Even the bearings have different materials like the ceramic ones are premium products and common ones have stainless steel and chrome. If you buy the cheap ones, you may get an annoying noise while it spins. The premium ones do not have such sound, and they are smooth and spins for a great duration of time. 

There are some spinners that are designed after the superheroes like Captain American, Batman, Superman and likewise. Certain spinners come with compatibility with augmented reality apps so that you can have a different experience altogether and you can be completely stress-free. A very popular type of fidget spinner that is selling well these days are spinners with LED lights so that they look amazing at night.  Along with traditional fidget spinner, fidget cubes are also becoming popular these days among children. 

Though fidget spinners are primarily for kids, they can be used by people of any age. As a matter of fact, it is very useful for professionals where they have to take a lot of work pressure and stay in a stressful state of mind all the time. A small break and play with fidget spinner in their cubicle will give de-stress them, and they can concentrate on their works better. The following are the complete list of best fidget spinners for kids and adults. 

Fidget Spinner Toys For Adults 


1. Blaze Fidget Fidget Spinner



This is one that adults will find amusing and engaging. It is made up of a metallic body and bearing. 

It spins for 3 minutes on an average depending on the speed with which you rotate it. It is ultra smooth. 

It comes with an app which makes it all the more interesting. Install the app and point your camera to the rotating fidget spinner and watch the magic yourself. Even kids would love it. 

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2. Samtroh Five-Pointed Star Metalic Spinner Fidget



This is a unique five bladed fidget spinner which is great for adults, and it has a very glossy finish. 

It has ceramic bearing and is ideal for distracting your mind for a few minutes to de-stress it. 

It also helps to improve concentration, and currently, it is available in golden color only. 

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3. Toy King Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy- Brass Golden



It is a six sided metallic fidget spinner. It comes with a casing and looks something of very high quality. It is best for adults who do not like to use products that kids use. The casing helps it to carry easily in a pocket. You can also keep it on your desk as a showpiece. 

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4. Segolike Tri Fidget Hand Finger Spinner 



It is another unique fidget spinner with the first invented two blades. It could be difficult for kids to spin but for adults, it works perfectly. It looks stunning and is made up of premium material. ultiple colors are available, and it has strong build too. 

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Fidget Spinner Toys For Kids 


1. Premsons LED Fidget Spinner 360 Tri-Spinner Toy 



This is a tailor-made fidget spinner for night especially when you can sit in a dark room and spin it to increase your concentration and focus. 

It has a manual switch which makes it useful to be used in the daytime as well. 

There are multiple colored LEDs, and there are three different modes available. You can create amazing lighting patterns, effects, and designs. Multiple colors are also available for the body part. 

It has long spin time, faster speed and smooth rotation. 

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2. Multi Color Fidget Spinner Focus Toy



Kids like multiple colors and this one can be used to keep the kids away from smartphone or screen related devices which are harmful to eyes when used for long. As a matter of fact, it will help the kids to pass the time without involving in bad habits. 

It has multi graffiti colors and has a hybrid ceramic bearing which is noiseless and gives frictionless spinning for a long duration. There are multiple colors available to pick from. It gives an impression that two spinners are rotating together. 

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3. Fidget Cube



It is a unique product and is becoming very popular among kids. 

It has clickable metal balls and silent buttons to for fidgeting. 

The six sides have parts for clicking, gliding, rolling, spinning, breathing, and flipping. 

It has strong build quality and 100% silicone which gives a very premium feel. 

It helps one to get over anxiety and offers multiple options that will never make you tired and boring. 

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4. Captain America Shield Metal Hand Fidget Spinner 



Kids are very fond of Captain America and this s a tailor made fidget spinner for them.

It is available only in one color that represents Captain America design.

It is made up of metal, and when it spins, it makes an amazing graphical effect.

It also represents the shield that Captain America carries with him.

It claims to reduce stress and anxiety in children, especially before exams. 

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If you have not bought it yet, go for it at once and experience whether it really helps you in busting your stress momentarily and distracts your mind from negativity!




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