List Of 25 Good Dares For Guys In A Truth And Dare Game

Truth or dare game needs a few guys and girls together who are courageous enough to spill their secrets or face some challenging dares. Guys are known to be dominating and daring.

Most of the time guys choose dare in a truth and dare game to show off to the girls that they can do anything. When guys put girls in difficult dares, girls should hit them back dares that are worth watching. Here are some ideas on good truth or dare questions for guys that will make them regret their decision but for others it is going to be total entertainment.



Funny Dares For Guys



1. Choose a guy in the group and he will do a funny makeup on your face with lipstick.

Guys are never good at makeup and that is why a guy would o horrible makeup on the daring guy and he would look funny as hell.


2. Write a Facebook status with the name of an unknown girl and say that if she does not accept your proposal, you will commit suicide.

What happens next is the most entertaining part.


3. Shampoo your hair and don't rinse it out. Sit like that for the rest of the game. 

This is such a pain but funny. 


4. Act like a mouse and get slapped by everyone. 

This could be entertaining and mortifying.


5. Call up your one of your friend and say in a very serious tone that you love his girlfriend and that you had made love to her in the past. 

A breakup or a punch is one the way!


6. Call up a friend of a guy in the group who is likely to be gay and start an adult chat with him. 

This is going to be really interesting. Maybe he will turn bisexual thereon. 


7. Do a handstand or a full split and sing a song in that posture.

Both the postures are as tough as it gets and next time on they won't show off their fit physique!


8. Put on a high heel and do some ramp walk and keep doing it unless everyone you can stop. 

Now he will know that girls are better than boys at certain things. 


9. Put your leg behind your head or send a fish face selfie to all the girls in your friend list on WhatsApp.

Some flexible guys will do it easily but others will lose self-esteem to some girls! The reaction of his girlf-friends will be priceless.


10. Kiss your shoe like it is your crush or calls up your crush and tell her that you are obsessed with her mom.

Obviously, he is not going to go for the second one but unfortunately, the first act is no better!


11.  Peel an unwashed potato with your teeth and drink a glass of water after that. 

Peeling part will be like hell while the drinking part would be worse. 


12. Spin around 15 times and then walk in a straight line.

This is entertaining and a challenge for his manhood.


13. Pick up a coin from the floor with your mouth only.

It is worth recording a video.


14. Do a twerking on everyone's face and get spanked with a wooden ruler.

Twerking by guys are worth seeing but the spanking part would be revengeful!


Embarrassing Dares For Guys



15. Kiss a guy of your choice on the lips for 30 seconds or put an ice cube in underwear.

The first one will hurt his image and the second one will hurt anyway. The reaction for the second is worth watching.


16. Make out with a tree or furniture for 3 minutes.

This will make everyone roll on the floor laughing in reality. 


17. Do a sensual dance with striptease for 3 minutes or sit in your boxer only for the rest of the game.

The first one is for laughing out loud for the viewers while the second one is shameful for the guy.


18. Take off your shirt and put on a bra for the rest of the game.

Guys absolutely hate to dress like girls and it is simply humiliating. 


19. Go to the bathroom and take off your underwear and put in over your trouser.

Who does not want to be a superman?


20. Go outside the house in boxer and say in loudest voice " I am a loser".

This is beyond embarrassment. 


21. Take a smell of pepper and do not sneeze. else you have to post a live video on Facebook of your funny dance.

He better gets ready for the second one that is going to be humiliating. 


22. Choose a girl and lick her toes like you are giving her a foot massage.

It depends on the guy whether he will like it or hate it. But he would surely feel embarrassed in front of others.


23. Post an embarrassing photo on social media account and keep it for an hour.

This is the last thing a guy would want to do. 


24. Take off your trousers and put on a girl's short skirt and sit like that for the rest of the game.

This is similar to going through hell for the rest of the game. Hairy legs and upskirts!


25. Kiss a willing girl in the group and get slapped hard from other girls.

This is a consolation for the guy after having gone through a rough patch in rest of the dare.


Try them out next time you play a truth and dare game and have a ton of fun and laughter. Do you know how girls play the dare games, then check the  dare games for girls . As you know there are a lot of truth or dare game questions, and you might have tried some other questions as well. You can let us know your experience and the additional dare questions in the comments section below.



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